Morphine sulf --60 mgs

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by reeelax, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Came acrossed a bottle FULL of these today :devious::hello:

    Anyone have any knowledge of them? I've only ever really fucked around w/ oxycontin and viks. Xanax and percs once or twice, but they are very hard to get around my area. What's it comparable to? Do you guys parachute, eat, or rail em?

    Just trying to gain some insight on these little guys.
  2. Honnsetly the best way to take them is IV and fromwhat it sounds like your not ready to make that leap yet.
  3. haha, yeah. I don't have the time to prepare an IV. What's it comparable to? Do you nod out, or?
  4. i've heard its IV>Plugging>intranasally

    hi guys:wave:
  5. i snorted one of those a while ago and i was pretty fucked. dont do opiates too much but have always had a high tolerance. if you could find a good way to smoke it that would be good. it should i always liked opium:)
  6. Thats badass! Yeah just snort 1 and see where that gets you, that should be equal to around 30mg OC
  7. I'm actually on some MS 60's right now, the shits good.

    The only real way to take morphine is by IV though, otherwise you're going to get a crappy BA and no real rush/intense euphoria. They're good for a nice, warm feeling and lots of relaxation though.

    IR's will be better than ER's for morphine (the ER gels up worse than OC) but as long as you destroy the time release they're real nice.

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