morphine question?

Discussion in 'General' started by b0nes, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. ok well i got 3 60mg morphine pills yesterday, i got pretty good deal to 3 for $15.

    so yesterday i never took morphine before and was told to only take half a pill at a time bc it was strong.

    so i took a little less then half the pill around 6 and about an 1-2 hrs later i didnt really feel it much so i crushed the other half into a couple pieces and took the rest of it and then within 10-20 min later it hit me. i was like walking around the house and then my head just kinda felt lighted headed and just felt a little different hard to explain. then this morning i woke up and showered and shit and walked around in my house some and sorta felt like i was getting the spins and felt like i was about to puke. --- is that because i took to much or wat? jw there may be no awnser why.

    ok when taking morphine what is the best way to take it, just take the pill, crush pill into little chunks or crush it all the way up and then take it, or crush it all up and snort it. -- what works the best ---- what makes you feel it the quickest?

    how long do the effects usually last?

    how long does it usually take to kick in?

    how much do you guys usually pay for morphine, and for how much morphine?
  2. Glad to see these floating around the country elsewhere. I get mine for 15 a pop as they are scarce around here. I blow half the pill and the effects usually last me 6-7 hours. Kick in time ramps up the hour for me and is a plateau from there out about 5 more hours before ramping down. Mine are 60's also.
  3. i got mine so cheap because this person i know just got a bunch of oxycottens and morphines for free from someone he knows, so then the person i knew just started selling them $5 each, lol got them all sold in the first day.
  4. blow it, oral morphine blows. do little bumps till you feel right
  5. Just take 1 pill orally. Chopping pills can give undesired effects, snorting it is really bad for you. Just look at Oxy addicts.
  6. theres really only one good way to do morphine pills, i remember i popped 300mg's n barely felt shit, but 60mgs another way will get me feelin good
  7. One thing I never got to try, my mom used to do it all the time back in the day, so I have heard good things.
  8. There was a kid in my town a few months ago maybe -month ago. He overdosed on morphine patches! be carefull.
  9. stupid question but, blow it means-snort it? right.
  10. yep, make sure you get a razor and chop it real fine.

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