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Morphine Pills?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BrickInTheWall, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. i have 60mg of the morphine purple pills(think they are called morphine sulfate), and i was wondering if that is a good amount for the first time....this may be a really stupid question but pills are not my area, weed is :smoke:

  2. you can take it but the buzz is very weak IMO, not as good as oxycodone and hydrocodone
  3. ^Hydrocodone?

    Id think morphine is WAY stronger.

    I dont have as much experience with percs but id still say morphine is stronger...
  4. no, those are actually weak. i know it sounds funny but prob = to or less potent than hydro, he is right. oxy is wayy better. hows your tolerance to opiates? take half and you might have to take the other half, but notin like the oxy im on with now "itches nose for like a minute"
  5. Well, Oxycodone i think of percocet which i didnt find that strong. Oxycottin on the other hand will lay ya on your ass.

    But i dont think hydrocodone is nowhere oxycottin or morphine.
  6. Orally morphine lacks euphoria. IV on the other hand it's quite nice. I don't suggest IV anything though, I had it administered in a hospital.
  7. Well again, I guess ive never done morphine in pills. Have seen it through IV and seen them get fucked up.

    But ive did the patches, And was gone. Thats where my morphine experiences come in which is why i believe its WAY stronger then vicodin.
  8. oral morphine is shit. just like oxymorphone "opana" oral is shit. oxycodone is in perks, oxycontin is the brand name like tylenol, it just lacks the apap. but oxycontin is where its at. i dont take apap right now, it lowers muscle production.

    patches will get you wasted, b/c its straight into the bloodstream, oral morphine doesnt metabolize well and lacks in euphoria, where as oxy is metabolized very well in the stomach
  9. ^I've never tried patches, they have pretty high doses of morphine in them though.
  10. ya patches are cool. opana was way fun. fentanyl was ight, very mellow high. im still in love with oxy after all the different opiates ive tried, and its alot

  11. i know it sounds crazy but morphine pills suck balls as far as recreational use goes, never tried the patches
  12. Those pills suck! 60mgs had me feeling nothing. No recreational value. They are like wax so you cant crush them and parachute, chewing them turns them into a gumball. Basically lame oxies are better. Also morphine sulfate is very weak compared to oxycodone. For the 60 mgs you have it is probably equal to 20 mg oxycodone and with the unbeatable time release the effects are going to be very weak.
  13. Perks buzz me more then them. Ya get some oxys or code thats the way to go. Them purple pills are for people with swore muscles and nerve relaxins lol. TECS are good i think there just 40's take 2 and chill Peace out
  14. rub off the time release and just eat it so you can find out

    i always get dope sick the day after. use caution buddy
  15. dewd i have been way more fucked up off of morphine then hydro

    you can probably take the whole one when i took 60mg i couldnt take two or i would get really dope sick

    http://www.pharmer.org/node/7688 thats the ones i took i couldnt find a pic of a purple 60mg
  16. and dont be buying none of the Kadian bullshit...bustas are known to take the dope out and put in whatever
  17. morphine pills suck! i railed 100mg (blue) and i hardly felt it. luckily i only paid like 4 dollars for it... oxycontin is the crem de la crem of Rx opiates in my book.
  18. Who ever thinks hydrocordone is even near the wickedness of morphine(oral or IV) is tripping on LSD. Hydrocordone is an exagerated form of tylenol. Its like comparing ambesol to cocaineLOL
  19. I dont think you took morphine. the max prescription for morphine is 60 mg. and it cost more like 20 dollars a pill. and morphine pills are not meant to be felt, there meant to put you out!!! and 60 mg is just enough unless you are severely mentally disturbed or have a limb amputated. Then you need the IV
  20. You don't know what you're talking about.

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