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morphine 30mgs

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by baaaas, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. so i can get morphine sulfate ER... there green with a 30 and E653 on the other

    i was wondering if these are any good, i can get them for 5 a pop

    and whats the best way of doing them besides IV, like would snorting them, or plugging

    and if i do snort them would i have to take off the coating like that OCs have?
  2. The only way to take those would be to plug. You're only getting like 30 cents on the dollar when you snort or eat those pills. Plugging is like 90 cents on the dollar. Sorry for the analogy, but it's the best way I can explain it.
  3. lol that was perfect way to explain it, thanks lol

    so when i plug them, i just put it up there, lol i dont need to take off like the ER coating?

    or i can get oc tens for 5... but i think the morphine would be better for the same price
  4. those morphine suck man. real bad
  5. so i would get more high off a 10mg oc over a 30mg morphine ER?
  6. do u got any opiate tolerance?
  7. Don't just shove the pill up there. Crush the pill as finely as you can into a powder, and if you have like a turkey baister or syringe, mix in the powder with some warm water and shoot it into your rectum. 30mg morphine would be stronger then OC I'd imagine that way.

  8. the fuck is this? what the fuck are we animals? dont shove anythig up your ass unless your gay dude

  9. STFU and get out of pandora. morphine has a very high bio-availability that way, k? thx.
  10. those morphines also gel up real bad, so plugging would not be too great of an idea but have fun whatever you do.
  11. one of my boys "found" a whole script of morphines 10mg.. they were horrible.. forsome reason i keep gettin stomach aches when i bumped it.. idk.. just wasnt the same as oc
  12. i would get the oc's just cause i could never bring my self to shove something up my ass, but to each his own
  13. man i've took 3 before school
    had me throwin up when i got home though

    but to me the morphine sul and OC would be about the same
  14. I can't really explain how to plug the pill because of the rules, but it has to do with dissolving the pill in water and using a needless syringe to squirt it up there. The bioavailbility of morphine is so much higher that way. If you don't mind plugging, the morphine would be better than the oxycodone.
  15. yeah im just gonna start doing these, id rather get 4 for 15 then buying one roxy for 15

    and i snorrted one, then i plugged the other, i was wayyyy more fucked up then if i would be on 30mgs of Oxy
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