Morons cant drive

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  1. I live on a curve. On a back road that is not a shortcut between anywhere, so pretty much only people driving it live here.

    Two morons just had a headlong crash into each other. They both were going around the curve riding the center line instead of in their own lanes.

    9 people are now dead.

    Stay in your own fucking lane if you can't see the road ahead of you ....:mad:
  2. You don't know these people, so don't asume things, and if 9 people are dead you should be thankful you weren't one of them not bitching about a pointless car accident.
  3. 9 people? holy shit!
  4. 9 people?! Goddamn.

  5. 9 down 6 billion something left to go
  6. agreed... someone i knew died because he rode 75mph in a 15 zone... was drunk as fuck and swerved and crahsed ... but i dont feel sorry for him... i feel sorry for the codriver... and his famiily
  7. That was pretty uncalled for. Seeing as how they got in such a stupid accident I think it's safe to assume that at least the two people driving were idiots.

    What if he knew some of those 9 people? How do you know he doesn't know them? Looks like you're the one assuming.
  8. new jersey people cant drive! every single day (especially in he morning) i see dumb people that cant seem to stay in there lane, and too many people driving way too slow (not even doing speed limit), also i cant stand the people that stop on the breaks 200 feet from the red light, then let off the break little at a time till there up to the line. like its really not hard to judge your breaking distance. lol i feel like im complaining way to much but there nothing more annoying then seeing people on the road that dont need to have there license. its mostly the teenage girls and soccer moms that cant drive worth two shits. lol
  9. Circumstances very from person to person, and there's no way of actually knowing what happened. Maybe one of the drivers was driving a Toyoda and the breaks failed, its happened before.

    Regardless, accidents shouldn't happen, especially fatal ones, because 90% of them are usually avoidable. However, they're accidents, and humans aren't perfect, and accidents happen all the time.

    Not learning from those mistakes though, makes you a moron.
  10. That's only if you don't count the current and growing rate of new babies being made.
  11. There are so many people out there who are terrible drivers. When I drive you can totally tell who is distracted and who is not.
  12. I thought the thread title was Mormons cant drive and was expecting a funny story.
  13. Omg i was about to post the same exact thing. good. I am not alone in this.
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    lets start with the babies :evil:
  15. Man I live in Orlando, it's the worst here I think. My step-dad used to live in LA, and he said it's worse here, but I think NYC might be worse.

  16. All im saying is that i want to know a little more about the crash, i highly doubt two people were cruising down the center line togeather without noticing people ? and your right, maybe he does know some of the people, it dosn't mean the people driving were morons, two sides to every story.
  17. I used to drive like a dick, always 10 over the speed limit, not braking till pretty close to red lights/stop signs etc.

    But then I realized that I love driving, and want to do it for as long as possible, so why am I driving so fast?

    So now I always do the speed limit, and when I see that a light is red, I let off the gas, no matter how far I am, unless there is another light between me and the red light. Whats the point of going fast when youre just going to have to stop? I end up stopping at a lot less red lights now, and it saves on gas and brakes to just coast every once in a while when driving..
  18. Today i was driving home, and i was kinda on this cars ass. They realised it and SLAMMED on the breaks like an asshole. Luckily i stopped in time, then i sped up to try and piss them off and they slammed on the breaks again. They stopped for like 20 seconds and i really thought the guy was gonna get out and start a fight, but he drove off. Assholes
  19. I am a she not a he =)

    And the 2 cars were both riding on the center line around a blind curve that is very obviously a blind curve. This is the second time in the 20 years that we have lived here that it has happened. Usually the morons are just driving too fast and jump the curve into the fenceline of ours, or the neighbors instead of 2 morons slamming into each other.

    I don't know about any of you, but if someone I am riding with is driving like a moron, I yell at them until they stop and let me out, then I call my husband to come pick me up. I am not dying in a crash created by some moron driving like an asshole. Anybody who continues to ride with a jackass that is pretty much going to get into an accident because of driving like a moron deserves to be called a moron as well.

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