Morning sun vs Evening Sun

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  1. Is there a correlation between what hours of sun your plants get and the size and or quality as a final result?

    Would a plant be better served with morning sun , or afternoon sun?
  2. Both. If you cant do that, then morning sun.
  3. im not to sure on that. my plants seem to liek both so i move them when the sun starts hittin a different spot. They are getting huge and green. sun=good. so you cant go wrong with as much as possible.
  4. What #2 said.

    You want as much sun as possible, but if your left with choosing (i.e which side of a tree to plant on) between morning sun and evening sun go with morning.
  5. Obviously you want full sun :rolleyes: But if that was the case I wouldn't have asked...

    Can I get some science behind these answers?
  6. I think it'd depend on when you water, the temperature, what temperature your plants like, and in addition, personally, I'd go for the better hidden spot.
  7. Long flowering strains should be planted in an area that gets evening sun rather then morning sun so they can flower faster. For strains that have the possibility of mold or PM get them in an area that gets early morning light.

    For more dense and resin coated flowers the more direct light the better...1 of my plots gets direct light from 8a-6pm, and gets indirect light from sun rise to sunset and the other gets direct light from sunrise until an hour before sunset give or take.
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  8. mornin sun ,whats the hottest part of day 12-2 thats because morn sun is powerful and causes this heat up
  9. 12-2 isn't morning =o
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  10. In my experience, morning sun is better simply because the temps are cooler in the morning, but I guess it depends on your climate. Where I live, the afternoons are oppressively hot, so I purposely set plants where they get dappled sunlight after 3 or or 4, otherwise, they get baked.
  11. How do they get baked? With adequate water my plants thrive in 100+ weather with bright sunshine. I have a friend in Las Vegas who successfully grows in full sunlight with no problems and it doesn't get much hotter than there in the US.

    Since you say you move them around it sounds like you could be growing in black or clay pots, which absorb so much heat the root structure, not the plant, is getting fried in direct sunlight.

  12. Great answer, tried to rep , but I need to spread it around more. thanks.
  13. read post again:D
  14. Aha... I was perhaps chasing other issues myself. I just read this thread and realized I have my 3 6" clones in black pots getting direct sun for the second half the day. That may explain the problems Im having!

    Love this GC community!
  15. Hey, im in the same kind of predicament. I did quite a bit of research, and came up with this. If your plants are vegging still, move them into the sun in the morning, and when they start to flower, give them the evening sun.
  17. Morning sun is cooler that afternoon sun. Is you can't have both, morning sun is for you. The cooler temperature allows the plants to absorb more vitamin d, because they aren't stressing out from trying to deal with the heat of afternoon sun.
  18. Plants dont absorb vitamin D, there is no vitamin D streaming in on photons

    Humans produce vitamin D when exposed to certain light intensities/frequencies but I dont think most plants do. Mushrooms do, I know that, but they aren't plants.

    Are you thinking of photosynthesis, using light to make sugars?

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    I grow outdoors in a desert environment.
    My plants are more protected in the afternoon than in the morning.
    They get full sun from sunup until around 4:30.
    Shaded from then.
    As the season progresses the position of the sun changes giving me less direct sunlight in the early morning and more exposure in the later afternoon.
    I don't waste my time growing in containers anymore. I find this to be a stress inducer for the plants. Root zone gets way too hot even in containers up to 30 gallons.
    Currently growing in raised beds 48x48x12. Approximately 100 US dry gallons.
    No weed barriers on the bottoms. Unlimited root potential.

    This is an 8 year old thread. I am such a newb.
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  20. For me I like mine to get all day sun..

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