Morning or evening?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Jamrocknw89, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. So I got two good locations for me to put my potted plant at. Both get about the same amount of direct sun but one spot gets more morning sun while the other gets sun until close to sundown.

    I was wondering if morning sun is better than evening sun or visa versa?
  2. too many factors go into that... What hemisphere are you in? What latitude are you located? Maybe what state your in.. that could help the most.
  3. Washington. I'm not tryin to find the absolute best spot but I'm tryin to figure out if morning sun is that much better than evening sun.
  4. The general conscientious is that AM is better
  5. morning sun is more intense
  6. Yes, morning sun is better.
  7. Thanks everyone. Stay high.
  8. deffin in the morning.. it will dry the morning due on your plants..
  9. Oh shit, I never thought bout morning dew. Thanks! I actually counted the hours of direct sun for each spot and the morning spot has a solid 2 extra hours anyway but thanks for tha help everyone.

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  10. Yeah a couple yrs ago I had actually done an experiment with this whole concept put two diff plants on apposite sides of the treeline and he one in morning was growing like it was a race where the other one grew but pretty slowly.

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