Morning lessons in stupidity

Discussion in 'General' started by fukface, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. OK - it's official. Here's the results of my latest experiment in being a fucking idiot. Maybe you can learn from my stupidity.

    Lesson #1: Don't take barbs on an empty stomach at 7 am when its snowing and ya gotta get your ass up and shovel and plow!!! Fuck!

    Lesson #2: Don't think that "maybe if you just fire up a bowl or two" - and then ya do - it will somehow overcome the pills and THEN you'll be more motivated to getting ass in gear. That don't fucking work fer sure!!!!

    Lesson #3: The good news - you won't really give a fuck about getting ass in gear, shoveling and plowing, and all other shit like that, either. :hello:

    Conclusion: UMmmmm... I don't know???
  2. Cool story bro...

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