Morning Joint

Discussion in 'General' started by TMoe300, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. its about to smoke a nice joint. Anyone else like smoking in the morning? its about 52degrees outside...feels pretty good. :smoking: peace!
  2. Feels good man
  3. Im right there with ya morning wake and bake on some c99.
  4. shit, it was raining outside so i had to stand under the porch haha. but i smoked a joint of some mid. saved a nice a nice buzz though.
  5. first time i ever wake and baked with a blunt was wonderful. then it became a ritual haha. they make you feel great in the morning
  6. Uh yea.When i got a joint I lways wake up early as fuck haha.
  7. Best time of day to have a joint! I used to drive my sister to work 50 miles away at 5am and when i got home i always sparked a doobie and got back into bed :)
  8. Either the morning but I love midnight outside, chilly, looking up at the stars while exhaling. Some beautiful shit man.

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