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  1. hey all right now im drinking a shake with 400 fine ground morning glory seeds in it. any one know what kind of trip i should expect?
  2. a crazy one! ive done it... i was running around my friends house with a fake gun laughing my ass off...
  3. ah greate i love crazy trips but right now i feel like im gonna barf!
  4. im lovein these mg's fucking up there with shrooms!?!! hahahaha i feel so fucking AWOSEMOE!!! jackin off will be hella good snice my girl is sleepen hahahahahahaha yaaaay:D :D :D :wave: :smoking: :smoke:
  5. Trippin off seeds?
  6. u bet i did, i sugggest u go to ur nearist wal mart and BUY AS MANY AS U CAN!!! fucken awesome.:smoke:
  7. cant say ive ever heard of them?!
  8. how much are they? more info please!
  9. you didn't puke at all?
  10. I've heard good stories about these. Do you just grind them and ingest? Do you need to prepare them at all? What exactly does the package look like/say at the store? Thanks!
  11. My friend tripped LSA while I while I was tripping mushrooms. He had a very bad experience with them and because of that bad experience he hasn't done them in 3 and a half years ( since the first time ). I personally wouldn't fuck with morning glory seeds unless you're with a friend and you have 4-12 hours to kill.
  12. You can just go ahead and chew them up. They taste like shit of course, but that's why people grind them up and put them in food/drink of some sort. Heavenly Blue's are the ones that you want to eat. I did them once and had a very bad experience though. They're not for some people.

    And... 400 seeds is a little extreme. You don't need that many at all. I don't know how many come in the packages from stores, but anywhere from 4-6 packages will do the deed.

    Also, on another note, on Erowid it says that commercial seeds are coated with some sort of poison that can cause heart failure or shock. I don't know how much truth there is to this considering I've known a shitload of people who've eaten them, let alone myself. But I think that's why a lot of people toss their cookies when they eat them.
  13. Make sure you wash them off real good with soap in cold water. The ones to get are Heavenly Blue, Flying Saucers, or Pearly Gates (Heavenly Blue are best). They work alot better and you have less nausea if you take them on an empty stomache. You can take a couple pills of dramamine a half hour before you ingest the seeds to greatly reduce the nausea. I found that the best way to take them is to wash them off real good with in cold water and soap and to rinse them real good. After that, dry them off and throw them in a coffee grinder until they turn into powder. Next, use a capsule filler to fill size OO gel caps. Each capsule holds about .55 grams. Finshed product:
  14. good idea nel, ya i bought all of those kinds because wal mart didn't have enuff of one type. they come in flower seed packs that cost $.97 each and each pack contains about 50 seeds or 1.5 grams they are eather black or light brown, u should soak them in water for 24 hours as this makes them most potent, wash then extramly well as the seed company sprays a chemaical on them that FUCKS up ur stomch and gives u massive shits. They do this to discoureage ingestion 200 will give u a mild trip almost like a small dose of shrooms, 400 gets the walls "melting" and a nice body buzz and 500 and up well absoultly FUCK u up u will start to see shit merge with objects or cuase irratnional behavior such as trying to eat ur door knobs or rubbing ur face in the carpet. one of my friends took 1000 seeds and he did all of this. he got so fucked up when i droped him off the first thing he does is get himself cought by being anaware of his parents pearssence. the way that i found best for me to take them is coffee grind them in a powder (the get really powdery almost like a baby powder except not white) then i mix them in a hand scooped carl's shake and there u have it next thing u know ull be a lamp! have fun! PS ABSOULTLY NEVER DRIVE UNDER ANY DRUG THAT MAKES U SEE SHIT!!! i was tripen and i almost died i thought a car was coming right troweds me but it was in the income lane that was dived by the yellow and i sreved and ran a other driver off the road. so be safe and have fun!:D :smoke:

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