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  1. how do i take morning glory, can i smoke it and also what type of plant do i buy. they have many different kinds at the place where i go.
  2. you eat it. 200 if it's your first time. they are super tiny though, so 200 sounds like a lot when it's really just a handful. have fun!
  3. get the heavenly blues. make sure it says they are untreated on the package. and i say only do 100 the first time.
  4. i had morning glory for the first time yesterday. i sorta documented my experience.

    10:05 – Drank about 25 seeds soaked in vodka for 3 hours (Flying Saucer)
    10:20 – Ate about 50 seeds that were in the vodka later then soaked in water for 5 minutes in applesauce. (Flying Saucer)
    11:00 – Prepared another 120 seeds by soaking them in water after washing and grinding them (soaked in alcohol for about an hour). Drank the water that the seed meal was in and ate the seeds in some applesauce. (Pearly Gates)
    11:05 – took a hit.
    11:10 – twinge (probably from pot)
    11:12 – tightness in teeth, and pulsation in right leg. Some discomfort in stomach, probably from drinking so much water/ice tea.
    11:15 – took a hit.
    11:20 – feeling a rush of energy
    11:24 – huge body rush, the shadows noticeably “creep” when I look at the wall. Feeling much more awake
    11:28 – closed window (71 degrees)
    11:31 – took 2 hits…..and a finishing hit.
    11:38 – Went down to get my iced tea out of the freezer (starting to get dry mouth). The dark is a bit freeky as the shadows made it seem as if things are popping out and going away when I look. Feeling a nervous excitement for what’s about to come.
    11:53 – after some color blending haze staring at my legs, I decided it was time to go lay down.

    Didn’t see much, but my mind was having infinite thoughts at the same moment. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being worst trip ever 5 being sober 10 being best) I’d call it a 7.

    2:30 – after laying in bed for a while I decided to get up and prepare more seeds (about 120) (blue moon)
    3:00 – consumed 120 seeds that had been steeped in about 4 oz of cold water for 30 min. I also drank the water.
    3:11 – I can feel the beginning effects starting to kick in.
    3:25 – going to try and go to sleep.

    Got zero from the additional seeds.

    11:30 – Woke up after only getting up once to turn off the alarm. No recollection of any dreams.

    Final thoughts: It appears that the pearly gates variety of the seeds had the most effect. It was a lot of effort for minimal gain (I could have spent much less money and just gotten some DXM). However, my curiosity is piqued and I’m looking forward to trying more morning glory seeds.
  5. I took 75 heavenly blues today... oh, god damn the nausea is horrible. i didn't puke, but I came pretty close. however, it goes away after an hour or two... I didn't see much or anything... I got a bit of a strobe light effect in my lower field of vision, that's about it, and I felt "weird"... couldn't really describe the feeling, but I was noticeably off. I'm going to try 150-200 tomorrow. eating them isn't too hard, but damn my stomach does not like digesting those shells. haha.

    p.s. it seems the peak of the feeling comes around 3 hours after you ate them

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