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Morning Glory

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. Ok, you guys...I finally got some seeds
    I have 7.5 grams, and I'm gonna take them in about 10 minutes...I'll keep you posted on my trip..wish me luck!
  2. o.k you've lost got some seeds.....7.5g grams and your gonna eat them??.....what?......that's a lot of seeds, or have i completely got the wrong subject matter here.....are you talking about something out....Sid
  3. I'm taking Morning Glory seeds...Erowid said for a strong trip I'd need 6-9 I got 7.5
  4. ok i'm new to this....going to go to erowid and find out about it a plant?....Peace out....Sid
  5. sid, its LSA.. found in morning glory and hawaiian baby woodrose seeds

    let us know how it goes hempress :hippie:
  6. is it close to lsd?.....i did lsd once and promised myself never again, bad trip....but lots of people i know loved it and had good trips.....i guess that's what i get for being alone when i took it......Peace out......Sid
  7. ewww...they taste terrible :p

    oh well..down the hatch!
  8. OK..update:

    I just threw it all up :( I couldn't keep it down..Hopefully something will still happen, and I still have some more of it left

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