Morning Glory without the nausea?

Discussion in 'General' started by Flummytang, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Hey,

    I've been browsing the boards for quite a while now, and I decided to register and post because I had a question. I have been looking into Morning Glory recently, and the common thing I see is everyone talking about the nausea you get with the trip. Are there any ways to prepare the seeds to completely cut out the nausea, and just keep the trip? Thanks a lot,

  2. the part of the seed that causes nausea is the outer husk-like part. with morning glory seeds being smaller it makes it veyr difficult to scrape the outer skin off...its much easier to use baby hawaiian woodrose seeds, which have the same LSAish chemicals in them but are much larger and have easier husks to scrape...worst case scenario is you just take the seeds and deal wit the nausea..its usually not as bad as it seems...
  3. I did HBWR seeds, and I was sick the whole time. I ended up puking hardcore at the end.

    The trick is to eat something healthy and light, and just take it easy. Also,be sure you're free for the next 24 hours. I think the reason why I vomitted was because I realized I had work the next morning, and I was still tripping.

  4. did you scrape the husks off the seeds first? the toxins are in the husk so nausea's greatly reduced if you get rid of that before crushing up the seeds and what not
  5. Just as nubbin said, take the shell off the seeds and you should be fine, i've not gotten round to trying them yet but will someday.
  6. I think your question has been answered, so I'll just say welcome to the City of green! :wave:
  7. Thanks, good to see someone from Indiana around here! Is there any way to extract the stuff from the seeds so you don't have to bother with taking the shells off everything(is this LSA? I've heard something about this, it could be just another nickname, but not really too sure what that is all about). Nausea scares the shit out of me, I swear I have like a vomiting phobia, which explains why I haven't tried shrooms yet. And if there isn't a way to extract the hallucinagenic material without peeling off the seed shells, then is it pretty much well known that taking the seed shells off will stop the nausea? or will it just cut down a bit?

  8. Yep, but I didn't crush the seeds or anything. I just chewed them up and kept them in my mouth for as long as I could stand the bitter plant taste.
  9. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... I feel kind of stupid asking but what the hell is MORNING GLORY and can some one give me the recipe. It sure sounds like fun..
  10. Take a look here

    Just remove the shell from the seeds and you should be fine, without nausea.

    With regards to doing shrooms i'm sure if you take a relatively small amount your first time you won't be sick and then build up your trip from there, drugs can produce nausea and you just got to live with it.
  11. what if you grew your own seed use the toxic seed to grow pure seed?:eek:
  12. I might give it a shot, thanks everyone for the help. I'm a huge fan of this forum, glad to start posting! I'm not as much a fan of the store itself. Ordered a glass bong from there, and its been over a month now and it still isn't here. Not cool. And they are unresponsive to e-mails to them requesting information and tracking. Oh well, it'll come eventually.


  13. Well, it is shipped from Amsterdam. It does take a while, and US customs are a bitch.

    But anyway, welcome to the city! :D

  14. Thanks! Does it take over a month though? It said like 7 to 14 days, and its been almost 40 I think now. And if Customs got it, is there any way to get it back, or to get a refund or anything? It's legal to have a bong, because its clearly for tobacco use(...dispite the pot leaf decals all over it...). I'm hoping it comes through, that money is money I could have used to put towards much better things, like dank.
  15. Pm one of the mods about your lost bong, it should turn up.

    so are you thinking of trying morning glory then? if it's possible get hawiaan baby woodroose seeds, i know a website where they can be got but can't post sources, pm me if you want.

  16. I probably will try it eventually, not sure. Talked with my dad about it, he said that he did them once and it wasn't that great, all it made him do was have a slight trip and then puke. I think I'm gonna try Salvia for now, got some 5X and 15X extract that should be here by the end of the week. I've never tripped before, done a lot of different stuff, but never exactly tripped, so this should be interesting. I may eventually try the morning glory or hbw seeds, but only if I'm sure that most of the trip isn't gonna be me trying not to puke. Considering how much I hate vomiting, I would spend the entire trip being nervous that I was gonna puke, and nervousness and tripping don't seem to go hand in hand. I'll probably try it in time, but I'm gonna start small with Salvia. I've read some pretty intense stories about this stuff, but I think going into it with the right mindset and knowing somewhat what to expect will make it a good first trip. I'm gonna start small with the 5X extract, I should be fine. I'll also have to PM one of those mods soon, I'll have to get the order number for it since I had my cousin order it for me and (was supposed to be) shipped to his house. Thanks a lot for everyone's help,

  17. Starting small with salvia?

    Well some people i know said that saliva is some of the most intense shit they've ever smoked but just remember it's all over within half an hour and you won't vomit on it.

    Whenever i tried saliva(it was the leaf, not the extract) it tasted like shit, complete shit, i remember it sitting in my bed loading up a big bowl of the stuff, taking a long hit and then exhaling the smoke and i got the most rotten taste in my mouth ever, fuck it was disguisting.

    All the salvia done for me was make me feel drunkish, no tripping at all although i'm sure 15x extract wouldn't fail me, might get some myself soon.

    Remember one thing for most drugs, it's all in the mind.

    Good luck and enjoy the salvia :)

    Let us know how it goes.
  18. when done correctly, theres nothing small about salvia divinorum...especially in extracted form. I highly suggest you learn everything there is to know about taking salvia beforehand, but right before your trip forget everything the books say, because no matter how "prepared" you are for it, it'll be much different than what you expected.

    one bowl of 5X should be enough...15X sounds way too extreme for a first very well may shoot yourself into a dissassociative "coma" with 15X even a 10X similar to a ketamine trip...a bowl of 5x should be enough for your first time. You'll still trip thoroughly, but at a much lower level than with 15X, and for your first time you'll probably wanna remain somewhat coherent rather than losing all motor control and off in a dream state.

    Use a butane (torch) lighter if possible because the vaporization point of salvinorin A. (the active chemical) is super high. Keep the flame on the bowl (which will need a screen if your using solid/powder extract) the entire time you inhale..the smoke is harsh, hot, dense and foul tasting, especially so with the extract, being that it has trace amounts of acetone or whatever the supplier used to make the extraction.

    Once you've inhaled, hold in the smoke, close your eyes (you should REALLY be sitting/lying) and count backwards from 30 while holding in the hit....once you reach 0, or lose motor control (whichever comes first) slowly exhale and open your should feel it perfectly well by now... you get a stony feeling (but this AINT a weed substitute) that exponentially intensifies to threshold mushroom effects/sensations..

    bright visual patterns may appear on walls/floors, your vision and sense of depth perception may be really wacked out (ex. look down at your own feet, they may appear rubbery and abnormally elongated..the floor below you may seem several times further away than it really is). But often times the mos tintense visuals/sensations come with closed eyes...

    The trip in its entirety to the person experiencing it may feel as if it lasts for quite a long time...15 minutes to several hours. When in fact the trip reaches its plateau at around 5 or 6 minutes and the effects are all but gone by 20-30 minutes with possible residual "burned out" feelings for the following hour or so...

    The trip has a very strong dreamy feel to it, and in larger doses its common for users to completely lose grip of their surroundings and self...oftentimes becoming inanimate objects like the plaster on ones wall, or possibly a tree or a book... often times the user may also appear to be completely numbed..blank faced and non responsive, but in their minds they may be flying around in the sky over a cityscape, or theyre living an entire eternity as a speck of dust, or theyre often times reliving personal past experiences in a very vivid dreamlike state...salvia has been known to tap into the memory parts of the brain and so reliving past experiences/sensations is quite common...

    I should also mention that you should NEVER take salvia alone...a sitter is the only one who will be able to stop a tripper if he suddenly stands up or frantically begins to flail around or hurt himself..which is VERY common... trippers often times dont even remember doing such things, similar to a sleepwalker...but salvia users' bodies dont "shut down" just because the "pilot" is off in a dreamworld..the body twitches, moves, flails, grabs at things in a zombylike manner, oftentimes void of the sensations of pain..which can be very dangerous if the user is alone.

    ..even if done in small doses, and the user is still coherent and aware of their time and space, they still very well may have a bad trip...the sensations salvia produces dont sit down next to you and "chill" like your buddy...they grab you by the collar and drag you around until THEYRE done with YOU... hence it being quite a draining experience for many people who try it.

    if the trip becomes too intense for the user and they honestly can't take it anymore..their sitter should begin to talk to them and hold/touch them and remind them to begin taking deep breaths...these are all for very good reasons...

    ...salvia experiences are VERY susceptable to outside influence...if a user is enveloped by his trip and his sitter speaks to him it can be enough to pull the tripper completely out of his experience, and it can be quite an uncomfortable sensation, so the sitter MUST be quiet and the trip should be in a comfortable, familiar and dark place so that the user can slip into his experience with as much ease as possible. often times the trip doesn't intensify unless the user closes his eyes and removes himself from visual distractions.

    ...touch is very important as well...just like noises or speach can pull a user out of his experience, so does touch, even more so as a matter of fact...

    ...many a times have I had a bad experience with salvia where reality as I knew it was slowly slipping away violently...things like this can produce the most horrifying sensations of fear and disorientation you will ever experience, and theyre as real as the nose on your face...

    ...when something like this happens (which often times is due to a lack of preparation)your only lifeline is your sitter...the simple touch of your sitters hand can be enough to pull you back into reality at least enough so that you can regain your bearings and remember that its all "in your head"....

    ...holding my sitters hand was analogous to having gods own hand pull me out of the depths of hell....imediately after grabbing onto his hand my reality, which had just fallen away liek pieces to a puzzle began to reconstruct itself, starting with the hand of my sitter...its an experience you will never understand fully unless its felt by your own self... and its powerful enough that its not recommended the tripper be touched unless HE askes to be or he becomes obviousely very uncomfortable, otherwise it may ruin what could be a very GOOD trip very quickly.

    lastly another very common experience with salvia is the sensation of meeting, being surrounded by, or "feeling" other entities around you...many trip reports talk of meeting the "salvia god" or "salvia goddess"...Ive had my own experience with ghostlike entities, which arent necessarily seen per se, but are more felt, similar to feeling a presence while dreaming. Trees seem more lifelike than ever before, grass, wind, everything gains a lifeforce that had never been noticed before, and it can be very overwhelming..especially if your trip site happens to be an overgrown forest...theres nothing like having trees looming over you with their large presence being made known...

    So to wrap this up, salvia is not a drug which you use...its a key that opens up an entirely new realm that tells YOU what to do for the most part... smaller doses of extract, or using plain leaf will oftentimes feel likea marijuana-ish buzz...slightly larger amounts will begin to feel less like a "high" and more like a "trip", with threshold mushroom effects and other odd sensations...even higher doses and you become enveloped in the no longer becomes something odd you're experiencing, but moreso the only reality you now the point where at the highest dosage and level of a salvia trip where your mind is completely detached from your physical body... in these levels a salvia trip is more like a ketamine trip, with your body looking like an empty shell to observers while your conciouseness dives ever deeper into the realms of your psyche...very dissassociative...

    the best (and most vague to some) description of salvia is to use color analogies...for example..

    *a marijuana high is a bubbly solid green color..comfortable, warm, fuzzy, nice...

    *mushrooms are more tie-dye..colors mixed, not quite as uniform as weed, but definately more fuzzy and warm with pastel colors being predominant...

    *salvia on the other hand is not any single color..its a frantic disorienting LOUD plaid..with every line of color shooting off into another direction...theres no solid ground to base yourself on, and for many who are afraid to let go and have ego issues, this is some scary shit...

  19. Thanks a lot! That is great info, I've spent about 2 weeks reading daily about this stuff, I'm completely prepared. Bought the butane lighter, got a waterbong, got a sitter, everything. Definitely not starting with the 15X, good to hear more detail on the sitter, I will be sure to inform our sitter to use physical contact if one of us starts to have a bad trip, I hadn't heard that before. Is it possible to have an open eye trip that is similar to the closed eye trip? I always read these crazy intense stories about falling down sewers and seeing the entire universe and stuff, are these stories usually on closed eye experiences, or can it actually get to the point that you trip this hard that open eyed you can't see anything in the room besides the trip? Thanks,

  20. Also, do you think smoking a bowl before hitting Salvia might make the effects better? It seems like if you are too aware then the trip might freak you out since it seems to come on so strong, but if you are stoned then you are at least relaxed and it seems like it might come on slower. I haven't heard a lot of people (at least in trip reports) using weed with the salvia, is there a particular reason for it? Just curious, thanks,


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