morning glory seeds ?

Discussion in 'General' started by chronikk, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. hey sup i just went on a website and found out morning glory seeds are psychadellic and get you high .. so i went outside .. where my mom planted some and got about 50 seeds and i started eating them ... is there any seeds that can kill you or shit like that ??? how is it .. if anyone knows anything about it ?
  2. read that
  3. hehe, i've experienced morning glory, i ordered 2 ounces off the net and the most i have ate is around 400, and man it was seriously like an acid trip. WOW. hehee great psychedelic drug.

    BUT the ones your mom bought at the store have chemicals on the outside which usually prevent you from getting high.. definetly order them off the net or from your local head shop dude. those chemicals arent healthy for you.

    50-100 seeds = somewhat like an ecstacy experience
    200-300 seeds = basically like mushrooms.
    400-600 seeds = more like an acid trip and NOTHING is normal hehe.
  4. dude i ate 150 and it pretty much just poisoned me, my friends ate the same ones and tripped alright but we all threw up mega hardcore, it wasn't cool, then after that it just felt like someone was stabbing me with needles in my legs from the inside out
  5. hey skydog did you throw up after you ate 400 or did you extract the LSA somehow or what, I wanna try these since I cant get any acid, but i dont wanna throw up
  6. Endo did you buy them from a store/nursery. Because like Sky said the coating the ones from there have on them its pretty much poisonous and really bad for you. Thats probaly why you yuked so much. If that was the case then your story is a perfect example of why I research any drug to the absolute max before trying it.
  7. Don't get the Morningy glory man, Got for the hawaiian baby woodroose seeds. You have to eat less. I've done them myself, I had about 10 at one time which was on erowid a strong dose, Its a very mild trip, I was very euhporic, very high. Slight brightness, no visuals.
  8. can u buy hawaiian woodrose from a gardening store?

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