Morning Glory Question

Discussion in 'General' started by Bonkers420, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Whats up, I was wondering if anyone had any expierience with Morning Glory Seeds. Is it possible to feel the effects by just eating the seeds without preparing them in any special way? Also, how does it compare to mushrooms and acid?
  2. i ate a few pack last year heres a trip report

    ate the packets

    threw up for awhile

    *end trip*

    abort the morning glory seeds dude they suck go buy shrooms
  3. From what iv heard from most people morning glorys are not worth it, but if you must i would definalyt wash the seeds before you eat them. Also just grinding them up into orange juice is really easy. Oh, and shrooms and acid are a thousand times better.
  4. I did the extraction on erowid last year. It was ok, not really a buzz but it was noticable. Seemed a little like very mild shroom effects. I'd stick to other hallucinogens, these aren't really worth the time from my experience.
  5. I'd say if you do enough of them its definitely worth it, but you have to do a shit load, just be careful cause i have no idea if its dangerous
  6. thanks for the responses. I agree that shrooms or acid would be better but they haven't been around since last year.
  7. I just saw the title and was already anticipating my post. "Orange juice and champagne. What's so hard about that?" :)
  8. ive eaten them twice.. both times with no special preparations. First time i ate 50, almost nothing happened, just felt sick.. second time i ate 250, felt even sicker, went to lie down, fell asleep, woke up 2 hours later trippin

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