Morning Glory - LSA Trip

Discussion in 'General' started by sweetfamilyguy, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. So I just got done with a crazy day at school with me and my friends. It was a open campus day so we all got very very high!!:smoking::smoking: After school my friend and I had a good idea to go to ace and get some morning glory seeds. We got like 600 seeds worth. Keep in mind 200 seeds is an average high. The high is suposed to be like an acid trip.

    So anyways I just took about 250 seeds (ingested and grinded up) and I am just waiting for thing to start to take effect. Its been about 20 minutes and so far nothing.

    I'll keep you guys posted on the developements. In the meantime what experiences have you guys had with Morning glory seeds?

    P.S. I did make sure that these seeds didn't have chemicals;)
  2. Bump, i'm intrested :hello:
  3. morning glory, lol.

    i thought it was the other kind of morning glory...:D
  4. Sit near a bucket.
  5. This.

  6. It's been about an hour and I can start to feel some effects. Lighting is a lot brighter now and patterns are becoming more obviouse in everyday objects. Haha I even found myselfjust starring at the fur pattern on my dog.

    The only negative effect as of now is a few stomach aches, but it's not to bad.

    The hallucinations (I can't spell) should be starting to kick in soon :) and I believe the peak Is about 3 hours

    I'll keep you posted!

    So far I'm in a very open mind and it's enjoyable so far
  7. I'm more into Afternoon Delight. :p
  8. How much did 200 seeds cost?

  9. Like $10, but my friend got them for free
  10. Yeah bro LSA is fucking awesome. I've never done morning glory, but tripped on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds heaps. You should definitely have a blaze to relieve the nausea, man. It takes away the stomach aches right away. Keep us posted :D

    Oh and, music is amazing on LSA bro.
  11. It's been 2 hours and I'm trippin. Not intensly but at one point a fucking tomato came out of my wall. I said"wtf a tomato just randomly popped out of my fucking wall. I also found that saying numbers aloud makes them appear.

    For the last 20 min. I've just been laying here deep in thought and there were pink trees

    I'll keep you posted and the stomach pain has gone away for now!!

    Just sittin back and enjoying :p
  12. I got hungry so I ate some skittles. I put on some music (death cab for cutie) and have been laying here.

    When I eat a skittle it's like a burst of colors just fill the room. And the music makes me feel like I'm in a story. One that has a bigger picture than just me. I am like a piece of a puzzle, you need the other 999999999 to make the whole picture or in this case the world.
    If that makes any sense
  13. Please do keep posting.

    Where do you obtain these seeds?
  14. i did Hawaiin Baby Woodrose Seeds and it was cool.....theyre basically the same thing supposedly but instead of taking like 100 u only need like 7 seeds lol

    i didnt get any visuals when i did it last time, maybe i didnt take enough. my arms felt numb but it was good, and i felt like i reached a new plateau in my writing since that day i tripped.
  15. I am interested in taking morning glory.

    How exactly do you ingest them. Please make it detailed cuz it seems to me eating 250 seeds cant be healthy

  16. I'll give more info tomorrow right now I'm so gone. I'll still keep trying to post

    The visualls are still happening and I'm begining to feel weak and tired.

    I am currently laying down listening to music
  17. Yeah bro, 7 is like an average dose... I find, with these particular seeds anyway, I need about 10-15ish to be tripping hardout... 12 is a good dose, anything under 10 is pretty disappointing. I mean, if you're gonna trip, you may as well trip hard, right? Take about 12 and I promise you'll get visuals =P

    What kind of writing do you do?

    I think you just grind em up and pop em down with some water or whatever. But if you got any questions about any drug, go to Erowid :)
  18. Not trying to call you out, but that is unlike any hallucination I've ever heard of from a Lysergic Acid amide. Generally hallucinations aren't of things materializing out of thin air, its usually a change in sensory perception that makes objects that are already present look different.

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