Morning Glory (heavenly Blue)

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    would ingesting 1 Gram of MG do anything whats so ever? i wanna be high but My stash is well gone excluding some Dried salvia leaves and the 1 gram of MG
  2. Not really no, I ate about 3.5gs a few days ago, smoked some weed and was definaty tripping a little, my face became distorted in the mirror and I saw colors, I definatly saw potential though.
  3. nope just save em for when you get more.
  4. fuck. i don't wanna be sober today.:(
  5. And to answer your opiate question. you cant do a cwe on tylenol you do a cwe to take the tylenol out of your vicodin. you will not get high off of tylenol.
  6. yea thats what i thought. i geuss ill go pickup 2 or 3 more grams of MG. well im off to take a shower and smoke a bowl of salvia for some euphoria.
  7. No bud tonite?
  8. the best thing to do when on morning glories is to lay in bed and turn off the lights, it turns into a very, very introspective trip. simply put, your sense of time fades away, and reality becomes whatever you make of it. much different trip than shrooms or acid
  9. yea no bud. :( my dank connect is dry for the night. i was considering taking about 3 grams will this be enough for a nice trip? maybe some closed eye visuals? any tips for nausea? also ill be home (room is next to parents bedroom)
  10. BUMP......iwish
  11. just found out u can do a CWE on MG to remove the outer tusk yay
  12. Yah mabye try looking into extracting it or w/e.

    I have heard that is better than way.
  13. ive heard some horror storys from people who have done morning glory.
  14. MG was a great time. I took 250 seeds then threw up before I would have seen major visuals. Take 250 with a slightly above regular dose of dramamine an hour before and you'll have a great time. Despite me not seeing shit, I was STONED like never before. Moving didn't seem like an option. ;)

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