Morning Glory (heavenly blue)

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  1. So today I was out and about looking for a large quanity of poppy seeds so I could make some opium tea, however I couldn't find a cheap place to buy the seeds (I was attempting to find 16 ounces, and it was $5 per 35grams)

    So as I was driving around I ended up passing a flower store, I stopped looking to see if I could find some poppy pods, but was unsuccesfull however I did notice they had some morning glory seeds. $1.5 for 1.5grams (55 seeds).

    I bought 2 packs (all organic so no need to ether cleanse them) and ate them up.

    Never tried morning glory before, we'll see how it goes. Hopefully it works with only 110 seeds, because for $3 thats a pretty good price, I could buy a shitload and extract the LSA then turn it into cubes of acid tabs, or straight substance it for really cheap.

    I've taken acid and mushroom, and we'll every other drug you can think of lol so I'll see what its like.

    Hopefully its fun. (T+15)
  2. Damn, I haven't been on GC in a while I guess (I had another username but had to make this one).

    General used to be the place for general drug stuff, looks like all drugs other than weed are now in pandoras box (T+32)
  3. yeh sucks ...

    I'm not sure about morning glory seeds I heard they don't work that well unless you get lucky
  4. yea apparently people in general had trouble avoiding threads that talk about other drugs.

    theyll enter the threads and bash people for doing other drugs,

    but heaven forbid they just stay the fuck out of the thread.

    to the OP, trip report definitely.
  5. i took like 8 grams and just got nauseated. didnt work for me didnt try again. found psilocybin instead :D

    anyways i think you have to get untreated hawaain baby woodrose to really get an effect maybe? dont have any experience but thats what i read. could be wrong tho.
  6. Its been about 4 hours since I ate them. I didn't drink or do any other drugs today and there is a noticable effect, a little mind high, but smoking some bud would do the same thing.

    I ate 110 seeds (3g) but I didn't crush them up or chew them, so thats proboly why its not that strong. I'll try again either tommorow, or a day soon, only I plan on buying 4 packs+ (6g+) and crushing them all up before eating them.

    Even though I'm not tripping I def don't feel normal, its hard to explain, sort of like the begining of a robo trip, or well I guess, the begining of an acid trip. A little bit ago I was talking to my parents about something stupid and couldn'tstop laughing, but there are no visuals/audios, just a weird high like head buzz and some strange laughing at ordinary conversation.

    Another thing, no nausea. I saw reports everywhere that said the seeds cause stomach problems, but I encountered no such issues
  7. I found a bottle of poppy seeds in my house, it was only 40g, but then again I only weight 140.

    I poured the seeds into a glass, then poured in a good amount of lime juice (couldn't find any lemon's/lemon juice). I put in just enough lime juice to cover the seeds.

    I then heated some water in the microwave and poured it over the seeds/juice. I stirred it and let it steap for around 12 minutes then drank all of the liquid.

    I doubt it will do much but what the hell right.
  8. SWIM has eaten a lot of acid and says that eating about 3 grams of morning glory seeds after chopping them in a coffee grinder and pouring the powder (put in more than you plan on dosing with cause morning glory seeds are hella small and the grinder sent them flying, dust was all over the grinder) into cold water and let it sit for a while and then drink it.

    SWIM got stomach cramps which eventually went away and for the next six hours was in a very familiar space for a while, meditating in the sun and doing yoga... nice stuff
  9. What area do you live in? The northwest has winco's which sell poppy seeds for 2.12 a pound. And you need to do mg's up right or it won't do anything. I've tripped a few times. Each succesfull time was cold water extracted (1+ hours) between 5-15 grams of seeds ground to a powder. DO NOT do 15g's, that was a bad idea, makes me nausious just thinking of that experience.
  10. I live in the northeast. I found an all organic seed shop so I don't have to worry about chems.

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