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morning glories

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Skreebly, May 12, 2003.

  1. i ate about 220 heavenly blues, and i feel pretty nauseous and it sucks ass, but i read thats supposed to happen. does that last the whole trip?
  2. ive never done morning glory! who knows my local store didnt sell them (home depot) faggots!
  3. skreebly, it can last the whole trip, but hopefully it will go away. it would suck to be nauseaus for like 12 hours.. have fun, i havent gotten to do mgs yet because i dont want to buy bad ones.

  4. No way you can be comfortable with 200 seeds in your gullet. Unless your a bird.:)
  5. best thing is to just try and ride out the sick feeling, if you've got bud that helps the best. i usually feel sick when i eat em, but it goes away and is replaced with a nice buzz. some people dont think its worth it but i think it is.
  6. well the sickness only lasted about 45 minutes, then i tripped pretty nicely. problem was, i came down at 4 am, and finally fell asleep, woke up at 7:20 (the time i normally leave for school) with a splitting headache and i was exhausted. no more morning glories for me during the school year, thats for sure......... good experience though, i watched king of the hill and the simpsons when the trip was kickin in and it was a riot
  7. yeah, didnt go to school btw, im still kinda out of it. i have a 1/4 but no damn lighter, i'd go get one but i wouldnt trust myself in a car right now
  8. I felt sick the whole time, but other than that it was worth it. And by sick I mean fealing like I was gonna hurl at any moment. I slept some of it off, then felt a little better and enjoyed some visuals.
  9. what is the trip like?
  10. Heavenly blues are a type of morning glory seeds. There are about 4 reported types of morning glory seeds that contain enough lsa to make you trip. It was also the kind I used. You need so many because they are seeds, about the size and shape of a watermellon, but a little thicker.

    The trip is like geometric patterns, and things like that. I saw red and green checkerboards, the shower curtain in my bathroom had balls rolling around behind it...hard to explain, kind of like that screen saver. It looked like the shower curtain was being pushed out and there were balls behind it, you could watch their path around the curtain. I also saw a yellow spiderweb in the bathtub, which turned into a 3-D tunell, still yellow, and I was traveling through it. (I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, I thought I was going to be sick, but I wasn't.) When I was lying down on my bed, looking at myself in the mirror, I turned into a dog. That was the weirdest out of all the things I saw. After I stopped seeing things, I felt really tired, and hungry because I couldn't eat much due to the extreme nausea during the trip. But I also felt a huge energy inside me, but was too tired to move. I also didn't feel much pain. Things were funnier and different. I sat on my bed hitting myself with a baseball bat for about 1 and 1/2 hours because I didn't feel I could stop, it would require too much effort. My pupils were huge, and my face was red. Maybe if I had smoked before the trip it would have stopped the nausea.
  11. Man hitting yourself with a baseball bat sure doesnt sound that good of a trip? Where do u get these seeds?
  12. I got them from my local shaws. And it wasn't during the trip, it was after I was done tripping, kind of the after effects. I was doing it on purpose. It started because I had an itch, and I scratched it with the bat. I smacked it not too hard, and it felt better....I went from there. It didn't hurt, and I didn't hit hard enought to bruise...just kind of pleasant/weird. I got stuck in a rut of doing that. Once I started I kept going. I was watching tv at that time so I was kind of distracted anyway. It really wasnt as bad as I made it seem.

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