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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, May 18, 2003.

  1. Sunday mornin no less! Know what that means?

    WAKEY BAKEY(and coffee so you can get all)SHAKEY!

    No race today so it's back to the yard to finish cleaning up from the last storm before the next one gets here. 85 mph winds here th other night. Slept right thru them. Did'nt know anything had happened until I opened the door to go to work. Yard was looking nice the night before. Lawn furniture was now visiting the neighbors, and of course the trees had pruned themselves again and not picked up the mess.

    Took Patch to what she had told me was a celtic music thing at the local civic center. Actually was the the local symphony. Symphony=Latin for sleeping pill. Had an all female group called "Cherish the Ladies" playing with them. Madolin, Guitar, Fiddle, Flutes, and whistles. Everytime they'd finally do something lively, it would immediately be followed by the theme from "Titanic". Played at one of two speeds. Slow and slower. But I went. She's got the last 2 weekends of calling what we're gonna do. Went to a 50's type sockhop thing the week before. Good band. Buddy Holly, Grace Slick, Jerry Lee Lewis, were all impersonated. Had a good time at that one!

    Next weekend I get the call on what we do.

    She makes me go to the symphony.

    I call Go-cart racing!

    Gonna put her in the tires!


    Oh yeah, don't forget the fun with gel pads!

    Had the rare opportunity to have a couple of hits during lunch the other day. With a friend and co-worker. We were working together that day, so what the hell? The bosses were all gone, and we were for the most part alone.

    When we returned from lunch, it kinda turned into one of those days where your just having too much fun at work. This reached it's climax when he discovered a gel wrist pad for the keyboard in the trash. He proceeded to take it apart to see what the gel was like. About as long as a keyboard, and think of nuclear slime. You cannot break this stuff, stretches real far, and sticks to stuff just like boogers!

    We were slapping it against stuff, picking up buckets with it, doing frog imitations, all to our great hysterical laughter. My distinguished co-worker decided that we needed to see how far this stuff would stretch. So I held one end, while he started walking with the other. It would try to ooze out of your hand as it stretched, so you had to keep adjusting your grip. He was imploring me not to let go and I was reassuring him I was'nt going too. I was holding at my waist, right in front of me.

    (Sudden thought, if that comes outta his hand it's gonna pop you right in the nuts!)

    So quickly I adjusted my self to be off to the side. He was turning to implore me again to keep a hold of it when he ceased to keep a hold of it.


    Right square in the you the you know where!

    Took my breath.

    Hard to laugh when you can't breathe.

    This is the same little fucker who put the sign on the back of my truck that read, "I've been dry for over 6 months thanks to Bedwetters Aynonomous.

    On my list, his name has 2 marks by it.
  2. lol.. mornin'.. well after a good night of some hardcore D&D, and a lot of blazin, i'm going to bed and don't wanna wake up til monday.. peace out everyone, i'm gonna go pass out..
  3. very good boy for behaving oneself at the symphony...

    an how many times have i told you to quit playin in the trash?
    p.s go cart racing is alot of fun cept if your in the tires.


  4. *blank stare*


    Hep me a little,
    Me tinks I missed something again.
  5. It's only fair to do whatever you want if you do what she wants.. Sooner or later one of you will get tired of the do what I want deal though..

    The wife and I did.. At least she did!-

  6. Ahhh! You are correct sir.
  7. as we get older they they the SECOND thing that goes is your memory :D
    teasin ya mate

  8. yes good mornin, 8:12am high as way to get over a 'case of the mondays' is to smoke before work, makes all the bullshit monday problems seem like nothin.r
  9. HIGH All, well it's Monday AND a holiday for us...but Good Morning smokin and All. *LOL* me waking and baking at Ya-Hooka this morning with critters making my day *LOL*.

  10. I didn't chase him, I snuck on him and threw it across his lap.
  11. Yeah, Critter! All you guys that have been here from the beginning really make this place fun as well as informative. Thanks

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