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  1. I've heard the whole religion, but its probably the least beliavable religinon there is. If anyone is a Mormon please tell me how you can belive that. My mom is a Mormon and whenever she can she will try to push her religion on me. Religious Missionary people are the most annoying people. She has them over all the time.
  2. i absolutely HATE when people try to push their religion on other people.
  3. I'm gonna have to say that scientology is way more "out there" than mormonism
  4. so true.

    i've only heard a few things about it, but it sounds so nutty. much like most of the lot.
  5. A lot of people only learn about Mormons and Scientology from what they've seen on South Park...which is sad.

    Granted, I'm one of those people but at least I don't pretend to be an expert. :)
  6. I had a large population of mormons at my school, they come to our door all the time to talk to us too. the only impression i have of them is that......

    ....They are creepy.

    They beleive in seven levels of heaven, and that depending on how good you are you get to go to one of those levels. Only people who were once mormons and then got rid of the faith can go to hell. So non-mormons go to some pretty decent, lower level of heaven, reason enough not to join, cus if they are right and you have already quit thats the only way to go to hell. Their religion was also started by an alcoholic, anyone that says Joseph Smith was not an alcoholic there is evidence that he was.
  7. I'm not trying to act like an expert, but I had heard the whole religion and not by south park but by my mom and her missionary church people. I did try to listen to them for a while but not anymore.
  8. Oh I wasn't accusing anyone of thinking they're an expert, but some people...
  9. ri 1.JPG ri 2.JPG ri 3.JPG ri 4.JPG ri 5.JPG ri 6.JPG bits of mark twains "roughing it"
  10. Just noticed this thread is 2,000 years old.. fuck me.
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  11. I had a mormon friend in high school, very intelligent guy.

    He wasn't the Joker type of guy, so I'm not sure i believe exactly what he said about his religion, but his father is extremely wealthy, and that his dad was kicked out of a group because he didn't fall into their rules.

    I guess once you're climbing the ranks, there are weird rules.
    All sons are sent away for recruitment (guys on bikes knocking on doors) and daughters are traded with other members for future wives (trading like Pokémon cards basically).
    So they came to cali and changed their last name.
    They were all very nice hospitable people, very polite.
  12. Much like the Jesus myth...

  13. I've never had a problem with Mormons. They've always come across as very pleasant and well-meaning, and although their favorite topic of conversation is their religion, I haven't found them to be anymore pushy than the people trying to encourage me to watch the Walking Dead.

    That being said, I do find their beliefs to be a bit wacky.
  14. We're not wacky. We're "peculiar". :p
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  15. Well dressed and polite too.

    The rest of us could learn a lot from how Mormons raise their kids, every Mormon i have encountered has been a gentleman.

    Propagandist for Propaganda
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  16. I live in Utah, but Im far opposite than the mormon lifestyle. Southpark had a grand episode that showed how mormons are. Very polite and super upbeat to the point of unusual. I have a few friends from high school too. They are typical, no sex before marriage, no drinking, no r rated movies, no drugs except pills, and Caffeine fiends. Utah actually has the highest prescription drug use and abuse in the u.s.

    Overall they are nice people and I dont mind them. Only real issue is there are some missionaries that are super young and think they know how the world works and how it was made due to their faith. Super know it all when you talk to them. On the outside they seem to have outstanding character.

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