Morgellons Disease Nanotechnology

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  1. We are in dark times my friends, and as a fellow citizen i feel it is my duty to be a messenger.That being said, Ill just go right into it.Since the start of this new millennium, there has been many advances in science. One of these advances is nanotechnology.Many people around the world are coming down with a disease in which the mind becomes foggy and dull, unable to snap out of it. Forgetfulness, laziness and other mental symptoms are accompanied with skin lesions and black fibers coming through the skin. Now before you consider this to be just a conspiracy theory, know this: scientists at independent labs has taken these fibers and tested it, and burned it over 1400F and yet these fibers remain.What is striking is the artificial intelligence posed by these nanotubules. This is not a disease nor is it caused by worms of any kind.Humans are being experimented on, with covert drugging with chemtrails that spray nano-polymers.These nano tech are man made and have a hive intelligence, and is being used as a semiconductor with spliced DNA and RNA to 'rewire' you. The plan is carried out by the very top, and yet doctors dismiss it as simple fibers in your body and that these symptoms are all in the head. This is no conspiracy theory, we are faced with unprecedented technology that can reduce the population, cause people to spend more money at the pharmacy, and can manipulate and record your every thought.This is the human genome project at its infancy, so i dare not to imagine what is next.Here are some links for you to research yourself.PS. No scientific report has been made, because the elite are trying to keep this from the media and ultimately the population.

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