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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Unknown, Jul 12, 2004.

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  1. Ugh...
    Guys i got myself a situation here. I thought i would never find the right woman for me, but I did. The problem? I might end up being related to her. Sit back and enjoy a good story...

    When I was 5 or so, my mom and dad had a family friend Rex. He was married to a woman named Kelly. Well, while he was with this woman, he had three adorable children... Amanda, Alyssa, and Amber. A few years back, Rex and Kelly divorced.

    Two months ago, my mom started dating this guy. At first I thought, oh great, he has kids and I\'m not going to get along with any of them (seeing as i hadn\'t seen any of them in a long ass time.) He brings them over to our house for a little vacation.

    Our families were hanging out together and I got closer and closer to Amber. I found myself getting emotionally caught up in her, and her I. Our parents weren\'t married (yet, at least), and so it seemed okay at the, by the end of the week, I was sleeping with her every night.

    I found myself in a relationship i REALLY WANTED BADLY. I could find myself a woman around here, but none like Amber. She actually treated me like a human, and cared for me. She always was honest with me, and always wanted to cuddle. In other words, this was exactly my type of woman.

    So you see my problem, I really want to be with her, and she wants to be with me, but if our parents get together, I dont know what to to.

    (Sigh) Any suggestions would help cuz im stuck here.
  2. If your parents get together,you still won\'t be blood related..

    I don\'t see a problem unless your parents or her parents have a problem with it... It\'s not like she is your siter or your dads daughter by another marriage...

    I wouldn\'t give it much thought untill you are confronted otherwise!
  3. There\'s nothing wrong with that setup. The hard part is explaining it. It\'s not taboo but it could be awkward.
  4. i agree with these guys as well, good luck;)
  5. Id fuck my step sister, if she wasnt fat and ugly...
  6. It depends, dude. Are you living with your mom and stepdad like permanently? The only problem is, if things don\'t work out between you and your step-sister, it would be fucking AWKWARD living with her. I mean, it would be awkward being part of the same family as her if things didn\'t work out. Unlike other girls, you can\'t just cut her out of your life.

    But if you guys are both into each other and think the benefits outweigh the risks, then go for it!
  7. well either way... if you two end up getting married your mom would be her mother in law anyways and her dad would be your father in law also exept twice? so their power over you would be squared? thats a thought there

  8. That thought is fucking confusing...I understand, but it\'s a mindfuck, or at least was for me.
  9. You\'ve had sex with her. The damage has been done.

  10. How can it be illegal when they aren\'t related ???

    I thought it was only against the law to marry a blood relative , no blood connection, no crime.

    I\'m not even sure I believe him, it sounds very As The World Turns to me.

  11. Then don\'t believe him. I\'m sure none of us will lose any sleep over it.

  12. Stuck? I\'d say you got it made bro. Who cares if she might end up being you\'re half steppish sister or something. There\'s zero blood relation so you\'re only risk is that it might get awkward. But that\'s only if they get married and only if theres problems in the relationship and only if you guys cant get over it if it falls through. And if thats what happens.. then c\'est la vie... it wont kill you. Don\'t even worry about it.

    And fuck if its illegal.. so\'s smoking pot last time I checked. This is fuckin love!
  13. can we get a pic of her by any chance??? :D
  14. Im getting some pics developed and also put on CD when i go and pick them up ill be sure to put up a few.

    But until then, ill leave you with a description. Shes about 5\'6 (short little thing) she has corn blonde hair, robin\'s egg blue eyes, a nice ass, and is a great kisser.

    Damn really starting to miss her again.

  15. Well, dont believe me, if you think this isnt real. This is the most real anything has been to me in YEARS. and its really fucked up, so i dont want to make a mistake.

  16. Technicaly she isn\'t his sister though.
    I also suppose if you are in the US you will have to check because what\'s legal in one state isn\'t in another.
  17. Woody Allen is living with a girl he adopted and the law isn\'t feeling his collar, why do you think that is?
    If your adopted sister is out of bounds what about your adopted daughter??

    This isn\'t my opinion just a statement of facts and the questions they bring up in my mind.
  18. So, i finally got the pictures developed and here she is!
  19. hit it and don\'t look back.
  20. quote
    So you see my problem, I really want to be with her, and she wants to be with me, but if our parents get together, I dont know what to to.

    a few thoughts, don\'t mean to be rude; these are what i think from reading your thread

    as it occured to you those parents are not meant to be together but simply to bring you closer to that chick?
    since those parents already have had children; i\'d say you and that chick have \"priority\" on some weird kinda way.
    are you two good together? I mean; apart from the pleasur you both get out of the relationship, are you fueling the otherone\'s HAPPYNESS ?

    my decision should i be in this situation would be:
    fuel the relation with happyness (as opposed to pleasure see the Art of Happyness by HH the Dalai-lama)
    enjoy the relation
    reveal the relation to the parents, seek their thoughts about the relation, and ignore those thoughts.

    but you can be sure that:
    parents always take the course of action they think is best for their child.
    So if they oppose your relationship, just MAKE SURE they\'re doing so FOR their child, and not their relationship.

    ps: she is pretty.
    pps: what is a great kisser?

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