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more weird sober than stoned???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. for me, weed mellows me out a great deal... sometimes i get into my moods where i'm just a goofball... but usually i just like to sit and chill...

    but when i'm sober and not all burnt, i'm a weird ass kid.. there are often times when i'm as straight as a board, just being me, and people will be like "are you on something?"

    i was just wondering if there's anyone out there like this?
  2. All the time! lol

    More often than not people think i'm acting likr\e i'm on something. When i'm smoking i'm more laid back and just going with the flow!
  3. I'm a bit older than yous guys, and I take a completly different angle on the whole thing. For me it's best if folks always see me stoned. That way, they think that I'm just a laidback old dude.
  4. i get this a lot too "what are you on?!" when im sober..and then people will often think im sad or something when im high cause im usaully quiet, if im not giggling at something thinking to myself..

  5. from the ole mighty wise man himself
  6. my bowl has threads..but you cant tell...too much resin...yay.
  7. threads of resin, tell yay.
  8. wooooooooooot
  9. If i had a chance i would be stoned 24/7
  10. g spots are awesome!
  11. im always stoned so no1 knows the diffrence (stoned sex rocks)

  12. hell yeah!

  13. hell yeah!

  14. hell yeah!

  15. OH hell yeah!
  16. hahaha

    wait a minute...

    oh yeah...

    hahaha :D

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