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  1. On this Show Called The Doctors,they are saying that dealers are selling candy and treats with weed in it to kids.Whitch is retarted,you only get them in dispensaries.And there not targeted toward kids,it's for the kid with in the stoner,dumb asses. you can see a preview of the show at the site.


    there should be a propaganda free world.:hippie:
  2. i saw the preveiw of it on tv its such bullshit,nexy there gonna say theyre selling children fentalyn pops,seriously:rolleyes:
  3. They are just simple minded idiots. If it was legal they would NOT be selling to kids. More reasons to legalize it, keep it out of the kids hands.
  4. I want a Marijuana gumball! :)
  5. This is a complete repost of another thread.
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    i just saw this on tv, they honestly were showing pictures of MMJ candy and telling people it was made and pakaged by drug dealers in order to make kids eat it and get instantly addicted to marijuana....i want to punch each of them
  7. looks like another desperate act to vilanize the plant. the sad thing is people who don't know better will totally believe anything negative about the plant, since they don't really know shit about it, because they never smoked it themselves.

    Fear is a mutha. It is the true way of gaining uncontested controll of any population. how do you think that fag Bush got away with everything he did?

    we are still paying for his reckless actions. and will so for years and maybe even decades to come.
  8. Unfortunately this is how the majority of people are getting their information. I can just imagine how some of my older family members believing every word of this garbage.
  9. Look at the teen drug use page where you self-diagnose your child. I really hate these lies, and when I was a teen I let weed totally enhance my life. I used it to wind down and as a reward to myself after finishing a paper or studying. They just can't see anything past "OMG MARIJUANA? POT CANDY? MY CHILD WILL DIE."
  10. LOL, on the symptoms for teens they just described a regular teens personality! Good job guys! :rolleyes:
  11. That's exactly what I was saying. What adolescent teen doesn't act selfish and whatnot? If anything stoners are more mellow and like to be nicer to people.

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