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  1. I discovered a 6" air duct to the hood of a non existant jennair kitchen grill, above the floor of my grow room/ 1/2 bath, which was covered by a changing bench. I already sealed the interior wall but was wondering about keeping the outer wall vent open? The only other air in (besides opening the door) is an a/c in vent. Air out is with a fart fan. Yay or Nay?
  2. heck yes fresh air beats canned air
  3. The oudside vent is now closed off until I get fungus gnats under control, I thought they may have come from outside but they are in my soil. plants are gdp clones 2 weeks into 6 gal cloth bags and are greening up nicely and a good 12" tall, stems have about doubled in thickness in 2 wks.
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    The air coming inside during the summer won't be cool or dry. (Fla) I think (yes it's possible) that the fresh air demand would be less at this early stage. More co2 during flower, hell yes.

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