More Troubling News From Colorado

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    So Colorado lawmakers are thinking about passing a bill that would place regulations on banning edibles that resemble candy because poor parenting is causing children to consume them. We've had medical cannabis for over 10 years with these candies, and just because of media propaganda they want to ban them!?!? This frustrates me to hell and back!!

    I have inflammatory bowel disease which makes life terrible on a daily basis. Medical marijuana has been the only thing keeping me healthy. I'm also lactose intolerant which makes me unable to consume traditional dairy based edibles. CBD enriched candies made without dairy have given me relief that I've been searching for, for years. I hope these idiotic old farts don't ruin my life.
  2. I don't see what all the rage is with dispensary edibles. They are terrible. I've eaten many and have never really felt anything. However every single time I've ever had homemade edibles I get blasted. 
    I don't really see this passing, just more regulation on packaging/distribution. 
  3. Very unclear thus far and I bet you it applies to recreational only. 
  4. Why don't you just make your own edibles
  5. I can't simply "make my own." I can barely cook dinner with my amount of daily nausea and pain, also the times when I need the CBD the most are in the most painful moments so making CBD candies isn't really an option at the moment. I hope it applies to only recreational. I would love to but its a tedious process and an expensive one.
  6. I've never had store bought edibles but I can imagine they are very low in THC and CBD content. Just because they can put whatever amount of green in it and still call it an edible.
    I don't see any alcohol bans because alcohol looks like other drinks. It's all together a very stupid idea. If mothers don't like that marijuana is a safe and natural substance then that's too bad. You can hate it or love it, but it you can't make it go away.
  7. It is neither tedious not exspencive. Can you lift a arm. The you can make your own 4 oz of weed and 4 sticks of butter. Throw in crock pot for 6-8 hrs on low. Boom there you go. Can you make toast. Then you can make your own. Spread butter on toast. Not that hard. The Edibles they sell there are bunk at best.
  8. im not in any way advertising for a company but ive had these chocolates called bang they come like candybar. best edibles ive had hands down tasty too they have a cbd rich one too...great for my lady keeps seizerures at bay..
  9. The dispensary I go to sells Bhang chocolates as well, they're some of the best edibles I've had in a long time. They were very convenient for when I went to the Immortal Technique show at the Michigan Union. :smoke:
  10. I guess you missed the part about him being lactose intolerant.
    Not everyone can make edibles, just like not everyone can grow their own.
  11. Your best bet is networking find someone who makes quality candies and have them make em for you. I told everyone Colorado wasnt gonna be some fairyland. California is always king of the ganja. No legalization but it mine as well be cops dont give a shit about herb out here. My bro got pulled over the other day with bubble and herb and they just chatted and let him go on his way. ;) been here4years and never not had access to meds or edibles.
  12. Parents buying edibles and giving them to their kids and so a ban on edibles, is that correct, are parents actually giving their kids edibles.
    Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.  :confused:
  13. I doubt they are giving them to them, but kids being kids find them just like kids find alcohol.
  14. Ok thanks, thats a bit more clear, i must be mad high.
    So are we banning alcohol too.
  15. I know this just seems stupid, but think about it from the state's perspective they are at the forefront of the legalization movement. They are scared, this is completely uncharted waters for lawmakers, and they just want kids to be safe, despite their ignorance on the subject at hand.

    I honestly understand why they want to pass this, children can get into to things themselves. Where as like how dogs were getting into edibles, its the owners fault for not putting them away good enough. Though non-fatal, I still imagine that a child that took an edible would get sick or at least really scared and I dont think people want their kids going through that. That's just my opinion though.
  16. Just ban parents and this all goes away. 
  17. Start making it a requirement to be licensed to have children. You need a license for everything else why not kids. Prevent all these stupid people from procreating.
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    You've been consuming the wrong type of edibles if you don't feel nothing. Try a Cheeba Chew...
  19. I don't see what's so hard about buying an inexpensive lock box, and storing your edibles in there.  And also, if you have kids, then no, you probably shouldn't buy refrigerated medicated sodas.
    I buy granola bars at my dispensary, and sometimes caramels.  And they live in my lock box.  And I don't know what kind of dispensaries y'all are going to, but ours are tested, and potent as fuck.
    You know what else looks like candy?  Rx pills.  Parents can get in deep shit if they leave their pharmaceutical meds where their kids can get at them, and it's the same, or should be, for cannabis-based meds.  Normally I'm all for laws that protect kids from their stupid parents, but this seems to go against common sense.
    We have warnings all over the fucking place about those magnetic bucky balls, that you shouldn't have them around little kids, because it can be really really dangerous. Why not place warnings like that on cannabis edibles?  And instruct dispensary employees to mention it again at checkout: "hey, keep these way the hell away from kids."  But doing away with them entirely is a bit much.

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