more then just a coinsidence

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by J-Rich420, May 16, 2006.

  1. i was born on april the 20th at 4:20,no bullshit!!!!(it was meant to be)my dads a stoner so he said that he knocked my mom up with the hopes i be born in april so possibly i could be born on 4/20, i know he had to of shit his pants when the doctor was like''time of birth 4:20pm on april the 20th i still cant believe it to this day!!! some of my friends dont believe me but then i show them my birth certificate (which i have framed) i wish i could figure out how to get pics on here so i could show yall, but im kinda slow.(must have somthing to do with the fact that my dads a stoner and ive been smokin since age 8):smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:
    hey,hey,hey...smoke weed every day!
  2. uhhh......ok. :smoking:

    do you have the pic on your comp or you camera?
  3. i dont have a pic ima have to take one but i need a digital camera right? if so then im fucked cause i dont have one
  4. A camera might come in handy.
  5. was that nesscesary?

    i mean seriously, grow up calling someone a fag because he doesnt know how to post a pic.

    your the reason people have been saying GC has been changing for the worse
  6. seriously man, you need to be sensitive to everyone on the boards.

    and learn some fucking manners.
  7. Give him a break about the pic thing. He basically is a weed child haha. Maybe instead of being such a dick to him you coulda helped, and said that you could scan it, or find someone else that has a camera. Please think twice about posts like this in the future, I'd like to keep our happy community here at the city as happy as possible.

  8. thats fucking tite man
  9. bababab-ab-a-b-ab-ab-a-b-ab-ab-a-b-a-b-abulllLSHIT!

    =D get some pics and ill belive it @
  10. much respect for the support yall. see if i have something like that to say to someone i do it in a private message so no one but me and them can see it,people aitn got no sense

    these 2 packs go out to yall:smoking: :smoking:
  11. that shit is awesome man.............i have mad respect for are like my new god.............anything you need just holla..........peace..............:)
  12. that kicks ass but its a little bullshitty i believe the 4/20 day but hard to be sure on time without pic but thats kool if it is
  13. x2

    i can honestly say i was born at 4:20am cuz i was, but i wasnt born on 4/20
  14. The only thing that's a problem there is that when you were born 4/20 wasn't what it is today. And that's assuming you're AT LEAST 18...

    Sooo... yeah. Cool story though.
  15. Your dads probablyt joking about planning to get you born in april cause isnt 420 relatively 90s shit.
    But that is pretty awesome.
  16. 420 is shit from like the 70's. its been covered before, search grasscity and you can see for yourself.

  17. im 21 biotch
  18. age 8 my ass
  19. What's so hard to believe about that? i first smoked around that age, didn't get into it until years later though.
  20. whats up with people talkin shit?

    umm yeha look back and you'llsee how i said my dads a stoner, i got home vidoe of my dad blowing weed in my face from a baby on up,i ve had weed all around me since day one, i can remember whn i was 8 my dad gave me a pack of 1.5's and a bag of shake and said '' take this, and when you figure out what there for come and talk to me, i was like this is what he grabs when him and his friends say thier gonna smoke a joint, so before he mad ei t out the room i said, hey dad this is what you roll joints with right? he turns back around sits on the couch with me rolls up a joint and sparks it, ive been smokin ever since

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