more then friend - pot story -

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Ziwwo, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. so after a small smoke session in my room with my brother while my mom was away we were chilling in his room playing the ultimate stoner game! zelda: ocarina of time and he was doing something stupid on the game, so i was like dude dont lie to impress your friends and he was like your my brother not my friend, so i said thanks acting insulted and started to walk out the door and he was like your more then my friend and i was like woah!

    haha. good times.

  2. This man wants ur Cock somewhere around or inside his mouth;)
    haha jkjk

    edit: ohh my bad hes ur ACTUAL BROTHER...haha btw i said JK
  3. haha mad funny story.
  4. Come on man, you could have left out the part where you gave him head

    .....oh, that didn't happen yet.
  5. Dude Ocarina of Time if fucking epic
  6. Um, okay?
  7. thats cool man my sisters said stuff like that to me before, shes like ur more than my best friend, when i was like 16 and she was 8, crazzy moments there man.
  8. Did you fuck her bro?
  9. ^ Hahahaha
  10. This whole thread is fucked.:bolt:
  11. in before bro-rape!

    Wait, wait, that's one friend you DON'T want to have your "back" lol.

    (p.s. I have friends I call brothers. No matter where you go in life, keep it real man, and keep in touch with your brothers. (NOT THAT KIND OF TOUCH))

    fuck it i'm done with this thread. so many sexual innuendo's.
  12. This thread is pretty messed up :p
    And I've had FRIENDS say stuff like that, of course we were either drunk or high.

    ...One of them wasn't joking. *shivers*
  13. wow this is fucked up..
  14. lol i keep laughin at the posts in here

  15. This cat is less of a pussy then you lol just messin



    I'ma get this tattood on the top of my head haha

  16. Has this officially become the most jacked thread ever?

  17. could read it easily without flipping my head upside down. I also have a penis, so, thats a lie. brother is more than a friend, he's one of my Bestest FRIENDS!
  18. Can't blame him, he was baked as fuck.

    Has it been awkward since? Lol.

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