More the Merrier or Is Less More?

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More or less colas?

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  1. More cola sites.

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  2. Less but bigger colas

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  1. Ok, I've been researching and reading a lot of info. on growing MJ. I've came across several time talk about colas and I would like to no your theory/opinion or answer. Is it better to have as many nice colas you can get or better to select a number say 4-8 and work on pinching the rest off to promote the growth of them?

    I have a plant 4-5wk old still in veg. and she has about 10-12 bigger colas site so far. (I'm not sure how long I'm going to veg for seeing height is a bit of a concern, but ive been LSTing her and she is still only 7" tall still.) Would it be best for me to be top again and get more colas / leave small colas she has get bigger or defoliate a bit and remove site till she has 4-8 main big colas? Hope I worded this ok!!! :)

    P.S. Answer specifically for my situation in case you need to no I have 2'x3'x50-54" I'm in soil, LED 135w true draw. Heat might be a concern(had couple 88* days this yr. but only couple hour a day) humidity is between 37%-57% on avg. 47% about.
  2. Whats up man... So to me this question boils down to what you want. If you want flowers to smoke on then I would say scrog that bad boy or keep on with the lst-ing and clear the bottom 1/3 of the plant right before flower, and then again mid way through flower... If you want to produce alot of crystals to use for hash making, then I would leave the lower section on or not clear it bear.. it will produce lighter fluffy stuff obviously but still good for hash and your total crystal production would be more..

    Also 88 is getting close to the cut off for veg, 90 is the cut off in veg and 80 is the cut off for flowering
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  3. This is what plants look like couple days ago. I no 88s almost to hot (was 90+ those days)I have central air and it don't travel to good to that area n cant really afford to run another a/c. Scares me about flowering her. right now I'm going with LST still. she is staying really short n getting wider!!!
    6-23A-1.jpeg plant#1
    6-23A-2.jpeg 6-23B-2.jpeg plant#2 before bending n after.
    What you think? This is my first. have more pics and bit of a journal post called: Advice for a beginner!!!!
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  4. Looks good man! If heat is an issue try running lights during the cool hours of the days. Also you can get a cheap inline fan to suck the heat out.. If things are real tight you can set frozen gallon jugs (or whatever you have) of ice infront of your fans, this could raise humidity tho!
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  5. yes I used the ice a day or to and lowered it to 84ish which is better but scary for flowering. I also at the hottest time (about) I turn light off and move them to a table close by for inspecting, bending, ect. that also kept it more like 83* or lower recently more like 78*. would this hurt her in early flower? b4 big buds.
  6. yes I used the ice a day or to and lowered it to 84ish which is better but scary for flowering. I also at the hottest time (about) I turn light off and move them to a table close by for inspecting, bending, ect. that also kept it more like 83* or lower recently more like 78*. would this hurt her in early flower? b4 big buds.
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  7. What kind of light schedule are you running? But 78 is fine for flower, you can even get into the 80's but you dont want to stay there consistently, it can affect potency and smell. One trick you can do if you simply cant get the temp down is add more CO2 via CO2 bags or CO2 tank, whatever is more cost effective. This will allow you to go as high as 95 degrees but your going to want to give them more light too.. so it does cost a little more money. heres a quick link on it if interested.
    How to Use CO2 to Increase Cannabis Yields! | Grow Weed Easy
  8. I'm running lights 18/6. I'm on a tight budget right now. want to get ppm meter, microscope, n something for smell soon(room kinda smells already). also I need to seal off closet better I think b4 I would add co2. Right now when lights are off its dark out and I got curtain covering windows n door closed.
  9. ahh your on bottle nutes? when you can you should think about switching over to either no till or the easy organic mix. No need to ph or ppm any longer and it saves money in the long run, plus you reuse the soil and its water only besides pest management. I feel you tho, I am poor as balls right now to (college student) but I just happen to dump my tax return into it lol. Also you can get a jewelers loupe to save a little money over a microscope. Ipower has cheap carbon filter packages on ebay.. I want to say the 4 inch is like 60-80 bucks and comes with the filter, fan and tubing.. but watch it, when I ordered from them it was not stealth AT ALL. The 2 tents I got said 4x4 tent on like 3 sides of the box plus the shipping label.. The carbon filter package was stealth though. Just something to think about if it matters.. Also the carbon filter will help lower temps a bit by sucking the hot air out and dumping it wherever you choose to dump it.. Heres some links to the no till and easy organic mix threads:
    No Till:
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
    Easy organic mix:
    Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners
  10. It really doesn't matter your training method or amount of plants. The goal is to fill your light footprint with an even canopy of tops with good light penetration. If you do that with success you'll optimize your grow space's yield. That's the point of all training methods.

    Indoors you're limited by a light's peneration which is much different then the sun. You want an even canopy that is limited to 18" deep to maximize production in the zone where the lighting is best. Remove growth from the bottom up to achieve this after training. If you grow a few tall colas the light has to be the correct distance to those and the rest will be shadowed. An even canopy is always best for yield in a given space.


    Low Stress Training (LST) Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy
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  11. You can do that, but you will not get as big a harvest as you would with multiple colas.
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    Without question I've gotten way more yield from training a plant to have more colas. Single cola grows in a small space indoors is amateur night. I have a plant that yielded about 10 oz's from multiple cola training with a blend of supercropping and LST/gentle bending. When I grew single colas I got about 3oz's a plant.

    I'm a huge proponent of bending plants (LST/supercropping) as opposed to topping. They will grow at least 50% faster if you never top them and just bend branches. You'll actually have more tops in the end then you know what to do with and have to trim quite a few off. Bend the main top 90 degrees over after you pinch the stem halfway down. It will recover overnight. If you top the plant it will sit there and look at you for 2 days.
  13. My next bud round. It's still vegging until I get the trimming done. Crystal (White Widow x Norther Lights). I train trees. That's the method I've fallen into. No string. Supercropped and lollipopped from the bottom into elm trees. Good yield this way. Easy training.

    Vegged about 10 1/2 weeks in this pic. It's in sunshine promix 4/15% perlite, 7 gallon smart pot. Fed with mostly GH floranova bloom.
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  14. Yes I have the GO box. Next round or 2 I diffidently will have better stuff(tent better lights soil ect.) My roommate started seeds to throw in field down the road. Thought was not best idea. 2 wks went by and they were not being really taking care of so I decided if we r going to keep them I need to do it right.(the best I could with what I could afford. so got viparspectra 300v LED, 5 gal. smart pots(yes I no now need a smaller inbetween size too) bought the GO box, GO ph kit 2 fans 4 & 6", black/white poly and did lots of studying. Turned this into room for now. 20170602_133451.jpeg minus table. put tin pans on floor. Had garden magic top soil(I no not the best) and mixed it with perlite.

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