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more than you need to know

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Oct 12, 2002.

  1. first of all the 4th grade is very time consuming, my son the whiz needs to be watched very attentivly during homework time, so like 4 hours later its time to hawk over 3rd grade ( much easier she a nicer kid :))
    B. i been missin ya'll
    4thly strange men in blue flew right outta the sky , eh sorta and confiscated some of my mountian friends goods. not nice.
    secondly i still got this wierd stalking thing, between me and the gal with the same name he's doing a nice job, phone calls letters and reference to places not far. seems he's stalking her but thinks she lives at MYHOUSE. it looks like it will be a court deal and ill have to testify about a bunch of phone calls. to get her/me? restraining orders,...presently the mans in jail for burning his own house down, seems he's a tad crazy.
    C. my pack of smokes is turning into a little problem, know you get a better deal if you buy in quanity.
    G.onetime someone mentioned the value of a "tree monkey", well i have my own little carpenter monkey very useful VERY handy indeed, but my monkey's not interested in smoke (his being mucho bettero) he, well, eh, seems to be interested in my butt at the very least. eh i do really need that electrical work done!
    G.built myself a rather nice koy pond. did a nice job if i might say so myself,....ok everyone else said that :)
    3rdly and the best. seems im the last to know i got kinda a fast momma just cruisin along with my little darling minding our own buisness, jammin to shrek,..yea shrek. when outta knowhere this car comes flyin next to me im like lalala,oblivious....lalala GO MOM were racin! you can take em,"go,go "you know you wanna" so im like wtf is that anyway a it was on baby! all the while my kid has huge gleaming eyes and a devil grin (were going to have to watch this one VERY very closly) we were doing very good till i had to slow down for the car infrontof us, hey we actually hit 50 in a 45 mph zone :) then my racing partner acually stops and waits on me...i was temped folks, really really tempted, i would have won! then as the good parent i am i hit my blinker and turned into guessed it wal-mart
    as i did this i noticed the police officer at the next intersection, eh fate? just dumb luck
  2. Hello darlin,

    Looks like you need a little help. Well except with the racing, the kids were doing a good job with that.

    I hope the blue dudes falling from the sky crashes next time. LOL

    yea the smokes are cheaper by the carton. Then you have so much not to waste!

    Maybe the courts will get rid of your stalker for ya! If that don't work, give me a call!!!!!

    Love and kisses,
    Don't stay gone so long!!!
  3. I can totally dig it!!! This year I'm in the 1st, 6th, & 8th grades!!! Football is over and now we're tryin out for basketball. Oh and I can't forget to mention, the GIRLS!!! Hundreds of them. Callin', comin over, chattin' on the 'puter...................I remember the day.................I remember chasin' the boys. These days the girls just seem so......FORWARD for bein' so young!!!

    We been missin you too!

    Sounds like you figured out what was goin' on with your stalker. That's good.......hope he hangs!! Sounds like a real psycho to me!!

    I just put a nice dent down the side of my POS momma car. It's on loan to me from my paw since I kinda threw a rod in my mini-van.......I'm hell on wheels, literally!! Anyway when dad seen it he said I hope it was a deer. I said no-a telelphone pole. I CAN'T LIE DAMMIT AND I HATE IT!! He kinda shook his head then I said"No wait-it WAS a deer.......yeah......(pulling splinters out of the trim on the door)........yeah, a WOODEN deer!!" Dad was not amused.

    Glad to see ya back girl!!! I was beginning to wonder about you!!
  4. I've been getting cuffed around by some 7th grade Algebra, but I'm really kicking ass in the 5th grade this time around!

    No stalkers goin on around here. But there is some local tweekers that have just gone plum batty around here. Two house explosions, an ammonia leak, and a hijacked truckload of acetone has the local law really busy, so a little weed slid into town so life is gooooood!

    Came bookin home for lunch the other day only to discover at the only stop sign I encounter that my brake, reverse thruster, type thingees no longer seemed to be functioning!

    After one well executed, borderline outta control, don't worry that ditch will help turn you, suck the seat cover up your ass type turn......and thank goodness no one was coming! I limped ol' blue on home and played mechanic for a day or two.

    Looks like I'm gonna be coaching basketball again this year. So much for my big retirement speech. There goes my Saturday mornings for the next several months! This is the LAST time. I mean it.

    Freekin stalker?

    You really need to quit dressing like that!

    Bad joke. Flame me BAD. I deserve it.

    Good to see you still stop by!

    Now I gotta go see what else has been going on around here....
  5. mr. smokinokie not only have i stopped dressing like that i even tried a mustashe, uh-huh yep i did. told ya'll i was a MAN!
    so then i forgot to tell ya guys all about the whole day i spent duct taping deer antlers to a lil'pink big wheel. this was alot harder that it would seem because it made the thing a little front heavy and was apparently hard to steer? either way someone chased the dog one too manytimes with this wierd new custom machine,....although i will admit it was one of the funniest things ive ever seen, then later lucky took revenge humped it then killed it. the babies mad.
    theres a little matter of a tiny traffic ticket (not mine im a good driver) thats gone terribly arwy. hhhm,,,,mr highawatha would you mind comming for a ride with us and peeing in a cup? uh NO. now we have a special laywer. to go with my special'ed husband. thats not a good thing either. he is in sooooooo much trouble for that one. (this allows me many more special privilages $ clothes, books, special mustashe remover creames etc)
    an how could i forget (uh im a stoner?) were adding 2 horsies to the brood....nothing special really just the riding kind. we started marking for the VERy excited about this one. just thinking about all that power,...kinda makes playing with a chainsaw seem like tinyboy work. hehe
    speeking of work..*sigh* my carpentermonkey worked out rather well TILL HIS WIFE CALLED! muhahaha 37 years old an all he could say was "uh,...uh...ok" before she hungup on him. sad. he still had alot of work to do! lol im so bad. (my mans being there mowermonkey today, think im mad? :D )
    going out on a limb here no smokes today! my pack actually turned in 5 stinky smelly oh so bad for you packs,...ok so i still want one,. but im done withem reallly
    btw this patch i bought for my sp'ed hubby itches like a mo#$@%&%*&#! maybe its old.
    oh an does anyone know how bad it is to eat a crapload of raw hamburger?....the babes had herself a little picnic while i was on the phone 4lbs of raw hamburger, cheese ,yogurt and ketchup. she did share with the dog and they both appear fine. tho they stink and so does the carpet where the event took place.
    ok im done for now....i think
  6. Yep.

    Sounds kinda status quo.

    Good luck on the quitting.

    They told me that nicotine clears your system within a couple of days, after that, it's purely psychological. Did I spell that right? Anyway, hide the guns and the bon-bons and ride it out! That SYKEELOGICAL stuff can be pretty tough sometimes.

    I gotta go.

    The St. Louie Cardinals are just about to fuck up for the last time this year.

    DAMN THEM!!!!!!
  7. C'mon ANGELS!
  8. ......If Tony Stewart wins the Cup, he gets to punch out anybody he wants!

    I met the bum back when he was a sprint car driver, he was running acting a dick that night too.

    I wanna see ol' Viagra dude Mark Martin pull it off!

    I meant I want to see him win the championship.

    Y'all got sick minds.

  9. I think Tony Stewart's fuck everything attitude is why I love him so much. He happens to be my fav in nascar!!!! Well that and Dale Jr. LOL I met them both last march in huntington at the Kid Rock concert........they were sitting right next to me!!!! How that happened I'll never know!!! But I did get a good pic of the 3 of us!!!! But I hope Tony wins it all this year.......but as long as Jeff Gordon doesnt get it then I'll be happy!!!!!
  10. I'm glad to see everything is back to normal on the lil injun dudes reservation! ;)

    Good to see you again.

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