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More than 4 ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by packabowl, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Do you smoke more than 4 bowls a day .. ? I know it's a pretty stupid thread. HA. :D

    I'm faded as shit :smoke: and just noticed i always smoke almost exactly 4 bowls a day. It's not intentional, and i just realized that this pattern has been going on. I wake and bake, smoke 2 times during the day and smoke before i sleep. ( Keep in mind, this is only if i smoke alone. )
  2. I only smoke more that 4 on the weekends. But on a given weekday, I would only say 1-2 bowls.
  3. I smoke 3 to 5. It dpends on my day, and stash
  4. ya i usually smoke just about 4 bowls a day, give or take a bowl
    i also have kinda a patter to the times i smoke during the day,
    morning before skool, couple times after school, and before bed
    smoking weed is kinda like eating cus u tend to get the urge for it periodically throughout tha day and gota feed the urge, ha
  5. atleast a blunt a day
  6. Wow, during the week, i get up at 8 for school (Last semester :D), then i come home at 11am and smoke 3 parachutes, go back to class for 12:20, then when schools done i smoke atleast another 4 bowls, and a joint when my dad gets home, so atleast 10 bowls in a day haha.
  7. I smoke easily 4 bowls a day by myself sometimes 5-6 and am at my dealers house everyday smoking 3 or 4 joints, been like this for basicly 8 years
  8. Haha thanks for the feedback, but after smoking for a year nonstop .. i have never heard the term " parachute " .. can you fill me in ? Anyone ?

    KEEP SHMOKING :smoke::hippie:
  9. i smoke alot more than a 1/2oz.
  10. i prolly smoke a blunt or two a day, and a few bowls in the morning and before bed. sometimes i just smoke like 10 bowls or sumthin if the feelins right :smoke:

  11. Ha, a parachute some just call "Chutes" you cut the bottom of a bottle off, and take a bag, bread bags usually work the best, and you put the opening of the bag around the bottle and tape it tightly, then you suck through the Mouthpiece of the bottle and it sucks up the bag into the bottle..

    There are some pics around here somewhere.

    And EndosmokrWV, your avatar, is that you or your g/f? lol.

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