More space or more lumens/ Better yield?

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    Hey all. In a pickle, what would give a greater yield? Twice the space but half the lumens per square foot, or half the space but twice the lumens per square foot?
    Thanks, Kal.
    *Edit* Both would use the same number of plants.
  2. the more lumes the more yield
  3. More lumens.
  4. The more space the more plants the more yield. There is no secret formula, with time you will get more from not only hands on but meanwhile reading and seeing what others do.
  5. So you want to know if you should spread your plants out or snug them together under the light? Put them together, don't let light directly hit the floor under the lamp, that's a waste.
  6. Thanks guys! I appreciate it!
  7. If you put 1 plant or 30 plants under a 400 watt, the optimal growth you will get is around 400 grams, or 1 gram per watt. (not including light movers)

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