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More Smoke's Ultimate Guide in Stealth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by More Smoke, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. #1 More Smoke, Nov 18, 2010
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    I know there are some of you out there who still live with your parents or with someone of relative importance that you wish to hide your smoking habbits from. This guide was made just for you. Stealth smoking is something that is very serious, and for most failure is not an option. However, just like protected sex, there is no method that is 100%, but combining multiple methods will return more positive results. The method described below does include multiple precautions, that should be followed, but feel free to adjust depending on the severity of your situation and your paranoia. For some, opening a window and aiming there smoke in that general direction is enough, for others, not so much. So here is More Smoke's ultimate guide to stealth smoking.


    -Sploof, to cover the scent
    -Quarter or a bowl cover, to cover the bowl and prevent excess smoke from escaping, causing a scent to linger in the air I even need to explain?
    -Candle, to get rid of the "flick, flick, flick" sound your bic makes
    -Incense, febreze, axe or anything else to hide the scent further, self explanatory
    -A fan, to air out the area you smoke in
    -Towels, put them under your door to keep the smoke in
    -Jar, to keep your bud fresh and eliminate scent
    -Smelly Proof bag (Optional), these work great for holding scent
    -Pop can storage container (Optional, look for these at local headshops). Absolutely perfect for stealth, you can put your stash right under someones nose and they wouldn't know it!


    Step 1) Build your sploof. Simple enough to do, just get a toilet paper roll and stuff dryer sheets into it. (I prefer paper towel rolls if I must build a sploof simply because they are longer and hold more dryer sheets). Your sploof is one of the most important items when it comes to stealth smoking, as it gets rid of the odor before it even enters the air. A sploof is simple enough to use, take a hit and exhale through the sploof, instead of skunk scent, your hit smells like clean fresh laundry.

    Step 2) Place towels in the gap under the door. These will hold the scent inside your smoking area.

    Step 3) Open your window and place a fan in front of it FACING OUTWARDS. Blow your hits through the spliff and out the window, the fan ensures that all the smoke goes out the window and none of it is dispersed in your smoking area. Smoke close to the fan as well, and that way the fan can suck any of the excess smoke coming off the bowl outside.

    Step 4) Light a candle. Do you want your mom to hear a bic constantly flicking and wonder "Wtf is he doing in there?" No, so light a candle and light your lighter using that flame instead.

    Step 5) Pack one hitter bowls so that you can take in the hole thing and reduce the chance of any excess smoke coming off from the cherry, for safety however, I recommend placing a quarter over the bowl when you release the carb so that all the smoke stays inside the bowl, and is then inhaled by your lungs. AVOID PACKING FULL BOWLS WHEN ATTEMPTING STEALTH SMOKING FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN........BUSTED!!!!

    Step 6) After you're done smoking, spray febreze or some other form of odor killing agent in your room, spray towards the roof so that way the scent will fall down and less spray is used. DO NOT OVER USE YOUR SPRAY, DOING SO WILL RESULT IN SUSPICION. I would recommend using a clean linen scent or something "natural" using a fruit or strong scent will linger, and it will be obvious you sprayed something, which eventually will lead to the fact you're trying to cover something up. Incense also works great, but does not get rid of the smell, it just covers it up, light an incense stick while smoking and the scent will be even lower.


    Where you choose to hide your stash is your decision, since it's your room, you know all the best hiding spots, be creative. I once took out the back of my desk drawer and moved it a few inches forward so that there was a little back compartment that I could place any sort of secret or stash. Remember, baggies lower the life and quality of your bud, not to mention lets the smell out. Using a glass jar is a sure fire way to store your bud and keep it fresh, not to mention, holds the scent very, very well. I would strongly insist you purchase a smelly proof bag, and place your bud in the bag, and in the jar. That way, no one will ever smell your bud.

    As mentioned above in the supplies list, there is a pop can storage container, these can be found at your local head shop and are quite useful if you don't store bud for long amounts of time. They are just pop cans, except they have been modified. The top of them screws off revealing a secret compartment that you can hide your stash in, place your bud in a smelly proof, and inside this can. You could sit your stash on the kitchen counter and no one would look twice.


    More often then not, the main reason you get busted, complacency. You become over confident and think you can get away with more and more. Here are a few things you should take note of, and never forget when taking part in the practice of stealth smoking.

    -NEVER Smoke in the house when the people you are trying to hide it from are awake. Someone could decide to walk in just to tell that they found a nickel on the carpet, and you wouldn't want them to walk in on you hitting from your 4 foot bong would you [​IMG]

    -Hotboxing your room, terrible idea. All it takes is for someone to wake up in the middle of the night to take a shit, and you're busted.

    -Joints and blunts are terrible ideas for stealth smoking. I would not recommend it, ever. However, if you must, be sure to stand near the fan so that it pulls all the extra smoke out the window!

    I hope this helps you all on your journey in not getting caught. If anyone has any other hints or tips they would like to share then, please do and I will gladly give you credit. Remember stay high my friends, and enjoy your buds in peace :bongin: :D

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  2. packing snaps into your bowl is waaaaay better than a quarter for stealth smoking.
  3. First four words of step 5, pack one hitter bowls. I added the quarter for precaution, also for those who don't take the one hitter advice.
  4. haha oh alright bro not gonna lie i didn't even read it i just read the materials as i'm already good at stealth smoking :D good tutoial though i've been thinking bout making one cause it seems everyday we get a new thread dealing with this topic. +rep
  5. It's all good man. Thanks for the rep.
  6. Nice well-written guide, surprised someone hasn't done it sooner. Some of those are just good options in general, keeping your bud in a jar or something to keep the smell down. I've had bud triple bagged that could smell up a room!

    +rep brotha!:smoke:
  7. I know what you mean bro, regular ziploc baggies just don't cut it.
  8. a good idea for smoking inside a home is to go in the bathroom and turn the shower to the maximum heat. wait for it to become like a sauna in there(you can put a towel under the door like the op said. once its hella steamy take a hit and blow it through one of those tube things. also you can put shampoo and scented stuff in the shower to make it smell even fresher

  9. I found two things.

    "Candle, to get rid of the "flick, flick, flick" sound your bic makes"

    Im sorry, but I didnt know that candles made noise?


    "Towels, put them under your door to keep the smoke in"

    Hot air rises. Put a blanket or towel over the top of your door to seal the TOP.
  10. Well first of all, The candle doesn't make the noise, your lighter does, the candle is to eliminate that sound, so you can light your lighter without having to spark the flint.
    Also, smoke can escape out the bottom of your door, I know that hot air rises, but most doors don't have an inch or two tall of a gap at the top, and are pressed flat against a piece of wood, which is what would hold the smoke in at the top. I do understand what you're saying, but I don't think too many people are able to fit a towel in the 3-4 millimeter gap at the top of their door.
  11. Great guide for noobs, + rep i'm sure you'll be saving alot of asses with this thread. hahahahaha.
  12. I'm sure I will be lol.
  13. Yeah man, although I really dont find it helpful cuz I dont need to hide, I'm sure youre gonna help alot of noobs out :hello:
  14. Haha I don't have to hide it anymore either lol, but I remember those days very clearly. I always found myself more paranoid eevn though I was taking all those precautions. It's nicer to go for a stroll in my opinion, but canadian winters hit hard, especially in alberta lol.
  15. I've had many a good trek out into the cold of winter... in pennsylvania, can't imagine up there in Alberta!
  16. Oh man, it's brutal, just yesterday, we got hit with a winter storm, crazy shit man. Had to dig out a four foot tall snowbank so we can get to our trucks! Theres this little corridor with two four foor walls of snow hahaha.
  17. You're way too optimistic, even if the whole first page was full of stealth guides, some random nub will make sure to post asking how to smoke in stealth.

  18. Lol I only vaguely know what your going through. This past winter was our record for Pennsylvania, we got dumped on. Needless to say many large diesel trucks became needlessly stuck near my house, we had tractors pulling, people digging, trucks pulling, utter madness. :hello:

    And yes it is being optimistic, but it's a very well written guide, and if it stops just one person from asking then I'd say that's a success.
  19. Well if someone gets a guide up that's sticky worthy, I'm sure it will stop alot of people from posting pointless threads.
    Haha, winter is such a messed up time of year.
  20. yo i just got around to reading this haha. couple things i could add one the lighter and the candle thing just put a sentence in there how to do it. i know it's simple but when my friend told me that i had no idea haha he blew my mind. i would also add that just like that toilet paper commercial a little goes a long way with febreeze or whatever. it's better to spray a little than a lot in most cases. also for smoking joints. it's best to take the screen off your window put it under your bed frame or something and just stick as much of your body as you can out the window. then you just flick the roach and get back inside :smoke:

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