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    What up people

    Im growing a bagseed , the plants growth seems to be stunted barely grows that pic was taken about 3 days ago still bout same size

    I have about 8 CFL bulbs currently , atm only using 3 because my plant seem to have burns , but there still not going away the leave is starting to blaken end the edges look a lil dry

    soil: scott's soil bought it at home depot

    temp : 82 degrees

    humidity : 20% i think my thing is fucked up and not showing right humidity it never changed and I add lots of cup still reads 20% btw I grow in a cardboard box as you will see in pics

    ph level : it is reading around 6.9 I just bought the ph meter

    I water my plant every other day , and watering doesnt seem to be the problem anyway

    please help me people :smoking:

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  2. is there anything for her to eat in that soil? Is there too much for her to eat in that soil?
  3. you've been playing with that inferior seedling for far too long. If she's not getting strong by now it's time to start over.
  4. your right, im just waiting for my seeds to come in the mail [:

    I plan on killing the lil fuker

    just put my thermometer next to plant .. now its reading about 90 degrees wtf
    .. off cfl bulbs? at that only 3 running and I have a fan in there for circulation ..
  5. 90 is definately too hot but i've had seedling that looked leaps and bounds beyond yours under 95 temps.

    That seedling is just shit. what are you using for intake and exhaust?
  6. well my current set up is in a box I got holes in the box and a fan inside to circulate the air .. and the top of box is always open to get air out ...

    I dont see why it should get so hot in there .
  7. the only way to deal with heat is proper ventilation. If it's getting in the 90's you dont have proper ventilation and if your heat can't get out neither can the stale air.

    buy 2 small 12v computer fans. one for intake and one for exhaust. I'm pretty sure that is attributing to your grow problems as well.
  8. alrite Im about to go take pics of my plant to show you how it looks
  9. pics pics pics

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  10. it's nute burn from the crap soil ur using. flush the soil ASAP and start using some liquid ferts with each watering after the flush has dried. try to get a high NPK ration like 15-6-6. Should promote ur growth. Also that tiny seedlings roots are gonna grow first and once they expand enough ur gonna start to see explosive Veg growth. I say don't ditch the seedling, but keep it and experiment with it so you learn something from the whole process.
  11. how old is your plant? It looks young.

    the ph is a bit high. Good range for soil is 6.3 - 6.8. 6.5 being optimum for uptake of nutes. I'd flush and get the ph straightened out.

    when you flush, flush with plain ph'd water (no nutes) using 3 times the amount of water to soil. So if you have a 1 gallon pot, you flush with 3 gallons of water.

    Do NOT nute every water, or you'll get a build up in the soil and burn your plants.

    A good schedule is - water, water, nutes, water, water, nutes. So every 3rd time you water, give nutes once they're needed. When you water, give them enough that water starts coming out of the bottom of the pot, and wait to water until the soil is dry at least 1 inch below the surface.

    Good luck :smoke:

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