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    These are the pics I took last week. The plants have been growing at a rate of one inch of growth per day. I've been cutting them back twice a week. I'm going to make a keef box! As soon as I can get the clones to take I'm changing the light cycle. Both my friend Kelly, who is a botany minor, and Nate, who used to grow (he was also in the news 2(?) months ago when he was robbed and his best friend was shot over MJ), are helping me out. I trust both of them more than life. I will have cucumbers here in the next few days. They have also been growing an inch a day and they are about 6in. now. Pretty cool, hun? Now if I could just get the cloning thing down we would be set. BTW-I set up a drying shelf. It's totally contained in mesh so I don't have to worry about bugs and is also in my laundry room. As soon as I get pics of that I'll post them. I've been having a totally awesome time with this. Sometimes I'm a little overwhelmed but I'm getting it, and having fun. Plus I kind of have a crush on Nate and this gets him over here at least once a week.
  2. Very NICE. What strian?
  3. Just bag seeds. I'm call it BAS (Bom Ass Shit). I came up with a totaly awesome way to keef the cliping I've been making. It's really cool.
  4. UGHGHGUGHG!! I think I had an orgasm lookin at those things.. very nice
  5. nice color , anyways i cant figure out why you and alot of people have trouble cloning. i dont even cut the 90 degree angleunder water i just cut on like a plate then dip in roottech and stick in rockwool or what ever medium / areoponics your using next place on say 1 those black pot trays they have in any local stores garden section { there usually free when empty} washed and placed in a very small flood tray . you need a few floaties i just used the same small squares of rockwool to hold the plastic tray half way out of the flood tray.fill the water up half way im sure you know to use 5.5 ph and like mabey 100-200 ppm u dont need bloom just micro and grow. Dutchmasters is awesome. next get like 4 bubble stones from fish store and 1 good pump like a 60 gallon pump. some air hose connectors and some clear fish tank air hose. Home depot or home base lowes most hardware stores have a lighting section. a basic 3 or 4 is better hood/ballest fosfloresence like ones in a pool hall. Get 4 40 watt house plant grow blubs and an extention cord ur going to have to wire yourself its easy. need i say more good clones root in 7 days most by 10 days.

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