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  1. heres some more pic of my girls

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  2. another

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  3. last one what u guys think pics could be better tho

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  4. what do u guys think this is my first grow its not to bad eh?
  5. what kind of light you using? they look good, that last one is a bit whispy but i am sure it will fill in with time. keep us posted, do you know the strains
  6. hey im useing hps 400watt.that whispy one has already started filling out those pic's r 11 days old now the reason i never got them up 11 days ago was kuz the camera i took them with is not mine its my friends he couldn't figure out how to send them to me for awhile so i got him to put them on a disk for me he's a good guy his uncle grows outdoor crops big big crops last one i seen was last summer and man they were nice but ya uma go smoke some now so latter
    and im not sure of the strains i know the one with the smaller bud realy stinks
  7. awesome, i love the way they look from above in the second pic. looks like a good first time grow to me!
  8. that 2nd pic is my fav i had to stand on buckets to take it the plant is almost as tall as me coming out the bucket
  9. HIGH All, right on charlie067 they look only gets better from here on. Each grow gives you more knowleadge of what we All want out of our girls. Hope you smoke yourself silly.
  10. :) i am ganna smoke my self silly :)cant wait till harvest time there starting to fill in nice now getting thick and fat

    hey i got a question?
    i have heard that them top 44's and northerin lights were easy plants to grow i want to know about the both how long does each plant take to flower how long should veg time be for both plants and where can i get the seeds i'll need to know how much the seeds will cost in canaidian money and if the site im ordering from is safe or not and where u guys sent the seeds to your house?to a friends house? if anyone can help that would be great i just dont want to grow no more bag seed and my ol man wants to smoke some good shit:)

  11. HIGH All, question away charlie067.

    Yes the Top44 is a great beginner plant and it definatly is worth while. The Top44 we recieved was from Gypsy from seeds direct. Instead of reposting this excellent planthereand here is a couple pics and posts a few years back.

    Leda Uno is a great strain which smells like lemons when brushed up against, the NL's are a finaky plant that needs more attention than others IMO.

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