more pics and update yall check it out

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by tweeka4eva, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. ok heres some more pics its really growing liek crazy now lol here s the firsyt one i took three

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  2. lol i still havent got a cam but now im unemployed so im in a bind right now so bear with me yall

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  3. ok heres the last one yall wish me luck on the grow and for gettign sa job lol im fuckin rollin cigs im so broke and cant find a job it sucks lol later yall

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  4. IMHO: Your soil looks a little dry and your container might be a little big...
  5. is this ya 1st grow tweeker?
  6. no its not my first but ive only grown a coup[le of times in my life so im not worth a shit at it yet but learning
  7. how far away do you have your lights... it kinda looks like your baby is stretching a bit, if that's a five gallon bucket.
  8. illl fix the stupid questions lol il start putting all my posts in outdoor growing section lol
  9. what do you mean?.....because it's outdoors....? does need more soil, and make sure it has enough water......and gets as much sunlight as possible.......Peace out......Sid
  10. you should think about cuting the bucket a few inches above the dirt to allow for light to get at the sides.
  11. thanx all but its now in a field lol
    all by it s self growing hapily
  12. lol that cracked me up.....crack!? were?

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