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More on parents

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by commando_smoker, Jan 6, 2004.


Should I ask them for their old pipes

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I still live with my parents considering that I am still in highschool but they have known that ive smoked since i was 16, thats about 2 years now and they are fine with me smoking. But they made a new years resolution to stop smoking so i wanted a second opinion on wether or not i should ask them for their old dug out and chillums or just leave it at that.
  2., I wouldn't ask them. 'Cause if they stopped smoking, they are probably gonna look down on you smoking. So because you still live in their house you wouldn't want to piss them off. But like, what are your parents like? Are they easygoing or mean? If you think their reaction would be okay then go for it man...but without knowing how they are gonna react...I wouldn't ask. :p
  3. i always ask my parent for pipes, and they just look at me weard....... they both know i grow, and my dad smokes aswell.. my mom just looks after my plant, when i cant..................latezzzz...
  4. Id ask them. Couldnt hurt. Just be like, if you arent using Them any more mind if i do?

    And i highly doubt theyll look down upon you for smoking just because they quit.
  5. Thanks, im probably gonna wait for that good time to ask them considering they are laid back and if they wont give it to me they will just laugh.
  6. if my parents smoked near when i started to smoke, i would just take their pipes and shit and they wouldn't mind, if i were u id use it without trying to be subtle, and if they say anything, just say " Oh whoops!" or something like that, lol.
  7. Maybe his rents don't like him going through their shit
  8. i wouldent if it was my parents, but i dont reallyknow yours.. so i cant tell you what to do, my mom knows i smoke just doesnt want me to get "hurt" or in trouble with cops nsuch.. and my dad just doesnt like it even tho he smokes.... assss!! but i dont care, as long as he doesnt touch my shit!
  9. depends on your relationship with your parents. since they know and they did i would.

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