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  1. [this is what weed does for me, when we get stoned we go to these woods near i live, its them and weed that make me write.]

    Later that day we came across a strange person named Trockh. I remembered when watching the hue fireworks, someone warned me about him, they said for us to be careful of him, that he was dangerous. Fyrell, an acquaintance of mine had also heard of him from one of the flies. The flies had told me he was great, and that he knew more than the flies themselves, possibly why the inhabitants of Higgleberry Cross was so afraid of him. We found Trockh sitting on a fallen tree trunk. He seemed to be drunk. Laughing hysterically, he was. His eyes were red and swollen, and was smoking leaves from a chrisumb tree in metre long pipe. I asked him his name, to which he replied ‘Trockh, of the Belt’ the Belt is a small village miles from Higgleberry Cross, allegedly the only way to get to it was by hue volcano. We asked him what he was laughing at, but at this he seemed to just laugh even more. ‘Don’t you know, eh?’ he said, ‘don’t know what’? We replied. ‘The eternal winter, no hue, total death’, said Trockh. I remembered a tale one of the flies had told me years ago, when I was a small child. The fly had told me that if the hue levels fell to 0, the evils would set in and destroy the few remaining particles of hue, reigning the eternal winter. In which ghouls and spectres and other creatures of the light would arise, covering the valleys in pestilence and death. This was only an old fable, as the hue level, even in winter never dropped to less than 5 gallons per decimetre. Trockh, however, seemed to be convinced that it was coming soon, in the near future. Most people thought he was mad, but we believed there was truth in what he told us, madmen always know best. Then Trockh went to sleep.
    * * *

    ‘ Into the night sky, an army of trolls ride their pestilent horses of doom, over the clouds and through the moon they go, leaving a trail of dead flies behind them. As they move to the kingdom of death they change from blue to grey, summoning more creatures to their cause.’

    * * *

    The next day we moved a little further away from Higgleberry cross. We toured to the Forest of the Elders, a dense wilderness, incredibly dangerous in the times of low hue. However as it was summertime we were relatively safe. People had been here before; I found evidence of children with knives, a terrifying prospect. Also, beneath the remains of a vast fire I discovered a leaf with some sort of writing on it, unfortunately unknown to us. I put them both in my rucksack for safekeeping. As we ventured deeper into the forest we found more remains of fires, and a colossal ravine.
    We were beginning to become enlightened, a gift only vended to some, the enlightened can see things that others cant, they protect the innocent from the light, anyone, however cowardly can be enlightened, some say cowards are the most fearless. The way of the Elders had drawn our souls to be enlightened. We explored the forest some more, but found no more to interest us. Back at Higgleberry Cross, we saw into Trockh again. We had become quite attached to him, seemingly him to us also. He had carved us a 1 metre long chrisumb pipe, for the smoking of chrisumb tree leaves. I showed him the evidence of children with knives and the leaf with writing on it. As soon as he saw them both his face whitened, he was nearly sick. He told us the evidence of children with knives was a warning of terrible times to come. He was bewildered but more so intrigued by the leaf. He rubbed chrisumb oil onto the leaf to preserve it; it also made the writing more prominent.

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