More Nutes = Higher Yield?

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  1. 6 months ago when I came here for some advice on a good grow, everyone was most helpful, and one person listed off 12 different nutrients I needed for the highest yield, no one disagreed, now I have people telling me this will actually make my weed taste terrible and in no way effect the yield, can anyone shed some light on this?

    Nutrients are as follows:
    Kushie Kush
    Grow, Micro, and Bloom
    Voodoo Juice
    Carbo Load
    Bud Candy
    Big Bud
    Bud Ignitor
    Rhino Skin
    Wet Betty
    Bud Factor X
  2. That to me (personally) sounds like a little much,....
    But I'm dieing to hear some facts or info on this...
    DOES,the nutes ACTUAL increase yeild that much as to just giveing basic/very little nutes..again if anyone has any insight on this,it would be great...
    So blast them with everything under the sink?
    Or keep it simple?
  3. I know, if I can just get away with Micro, Bloom, And Grow I won't hesitate at all, I am all for keeping it simple, it's just I was told I Needed these nutes for a decent yield.

  4. Grow, micro and bloom contain all the nutrients your plants need. A bottle of cal-mag would be handy to have on standby.

    I use a single part grow nutrient and a silicon additive in veg and a single part bloom nutrient in flower.

    Unless your plants show a deficiency, stick to the basics. Pumping your medium full of nutrients won't make for more yield and you risk hurting your plants. IMO of course :smoke:
  5. No you don't need all that stuff to grow incredible weed. I do it w/ just a couple bottles of nutes and a ph kit.

    Companies w/ huge product lines try and make things seem really complicated, but they never respond to all the growers who grow great bud with simple, simple products.

    Google "lucas formula" that's all you need man.
  6. when u say grow, micro, and bloom are those botanicare products? if so can u link me? if not thnks anyways

  7. No, I assumed he meant the General Hydroponics Flora line used for the Lucas Formula. :)
  8. I'm wondering if you could just get away with say some mollasses/grow big/fish mix,for vegg (simple things except the GB), Then say just a flowering nute and that's it,along with maybe some mollases,as I was wondering,simple might/MAYBE be better,who knows..MORE INSIGHT WELCOME..
  9. is advanced nutrients better than botanicare?

  10. I have always gone with Advanced Nutrients, never done a compare and contrast, all though Botanicare is supplying me with my cal-mag
  11. im trying to see if i should buy botanicare or AN
  12. While the terms "nutes" and "ferts" often are used interchangeably here, this is a case where the distinction is important. You have a list of ferts (fertilizers) not nutes (nutrients). Nutes are the actual atomic elements that the plant needs -- nitrogen, phosphorous, boron, copper, potassium, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, etc. Fertilizers are food, or to put it another way they are mechanisms for delivering nutes.

    You definitely do not need all those ferts. You can drive yourself crazy trying to get the perfect smorgasbord for your plants, but you will do great if you just pick one high-quality company and stick to their product line. Just stay away from cheap chemical ferts, which I don't see on that list anyway, those are the ones that can negatively affect taste.

  13. Recomendations? right now I just have Advanced Nutrients Micro, Bloom, and Grow and then Cal-Mag for nutes, if you check da journal ;D
  14. More nutes, more problems.

    KISS, btw you spend way to much on nutes.
  15. kiss?

  16. Trust me, I LOVE the KISS theory, but they basically implied if I didn't use like all these nutes, my plants wouldn't even grow.
  17. hey man did get my second message?

  18. Yeah, I won't be able to pass along much help, just the help I have received from others.
  19. Cornman, here is the problem with your nute schedule.

    Advance Nutrients are good, not a thing wrong with them. However, they make a BOATLOAD of different products. Many of their products overlap because they have different types of products for people using different types of grow methods.

    Your Micro, Grow, and Bloom are your basic nutes your plant needs, and all it needs. You can grow just fine with these three at different levels during different stages of your plants life.

    Every thing else you list are additives of one type or another and I think several of them do the same thing I believe. My advice is to contact Advanced. I am sure they can let you know what you need and what you don't.

    One thing for certain, I know you do not need all of that.

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