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  1. A hippy boards a bus and sits down, he notices an attractive nun sitting right across from him. He asks her if she would like to have sex with him. She is quite startled by his request and informs him that she cannot becasue of her vow of celabacy. The next stop she gets off the bus. After she's off the bus driver turns around and he says to the hippy, "I know how u can get her to have sex with you." The hippy responds, "How?" So the bus driver tells him that the nun prays at the local cemetary every night around midnight and that he (the hippy) only needs to go to the cemetary disguised as Jesus and she would undoubtably let him have his way with her.
    The hippy gets off the bus and says to the bus driver, "Thx man I owe u one." The hippy then heads home and prepares for his encounter with the nun that evening.
    Around midnight the hippy is hiding behind some headstones in the graveyard waiting for the nun. She comes right on time and begins to pray. The hippy lets her pray for a minute then reveals himself as Jesus. The nun turns her head to the ground and says, "Is there anything I can do to please you my lord?" So the hippy asks her to have sex with him. She replies, "Ok, but could u make it anal so I can maintain my virginity?" The hippy being estatic that the plan worked, consents to her wish.
    After he finishes he pulls off his disguise and says, "Ha ha! I'm the hippy!" Then she pulls off her disguise and says, "Haha! I'm the bus driver!"
  2. lol! good one :)
  3. thats funny shit
  4. [​IMG] thats sick man [​IMG]
  5. That was great ill have to remember it

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