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Discussion in 'General' started by jtp2007, May 15, 2006.

  1. Well for mothers day I wanted to get my mom the book Natural Cures. Barnes and Nobles only had More Natural Cures, which is the second book, so I decided to just get that. I ended up skimming through it last night and it was really interesting. I ended up reading the whole thing today, only skipping a few chapters. Keep in mind, I am not the biggest fan of reading. I would rather watch a movie about it.

    Anyways, in the book he mentions about teflon pans. Now I always thought a teflon pan which is non-stick would be a good thing, but it says that when heated at a high temperature it can be very poisonus. He states that if you had a parrot on your shoulder it would fall to the floor. To get to my point, he says that DuPont makes the teflon pans. My eyes lit with fury when I read this. This is the same company that was one of the reasons for marijuana prohibition. :mad: Their nylon was an ideal thing to compete with hemp rope, but would never win. This is one of the reasons it is illegal. The book goes on to talk about cures and preventions and how the FDA and FTC are all in it for the money. I plan on getting the first book when its back on the shelves. Im seriously starting to doubt out government all together between this and 911, I just need to go to Canada.

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