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More nasty weather

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 1, 2002.

  1. Thunderstorms and tornatos. We had a tornato to wipe out several houses and destroy parts of communities two days ago. now they are calling for more of the same tonight and tommorrownight. This weather has got to calm down.

    At least there were no deaths related to the bad weather here.

    Have a great day all!!!!!!!!
  2. It got nasty agin last night all around us. The worst part of the storm missed us by 20 miles. There was alot of damage to the west and to the east. So far the storms have left this little town alone.

    Thank goodness noone was hurt again.

    More coming in tonight though.
  3. I'll be keepin' my fingers crossed for ya!!! :smoking:
  4. We got ot to. Tornado passed over my wifes's car as she was driving and hail flting everywhere. Goo dLuck hit again and all are sfae and sound
  5. We've also been ridin' the storms out!!!! Had a tornado hit a town about 30 mi west of us. We have sirens that go off when there's one lurkin' about. It went off twice that day and us with no cellar, the drummer and his ol' lady and son in tow had to scream across town to my dad's. Then the same shit today. Right when school was gettin' out, of course. Went in the school (the siren's goin off) grabbed the wee one. Went to #2's classroom-he was in another classroom. Found him, his teacher was tryin' to tell me they wouldn't let me leave with the boys.....HA!! Try and stop me!! Finally found #1 and headed out. We ran into the teacher again and she was surprised when I told her they were lettin' us leave. Whatever!!! Turns out the "supposed" tornado was in the northern part of our small county. And they say there's more to come tonite...............aahhh life in tornado alley. Good luck to my commrades out there!!!!!!!!!!

    Toto.....I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!
  6. Good luck to all the others who are having the bad weather. It is just the time of year for it. It doesn't mean that we have to like it though.

    I don't have a storm cellar either. I have been thinking about building one though. I hope i get it built before something bad happens.

    Have a great day alll!
  7. Came home from the twin cities to find over a foot of heavy snow,and many of my sweet assed big pines,,got their branches busted from the load,and winds...the white poplars even got damaged...nothing to do now but clean up all the branches and have a bonfire..much damage around the whole area...

    Neighbor girl rolled her car twice before landing upon the tree,,she's so good.

    be carefull out there...mother nature seems a little


  8. That thought has crossed my mind. A good place to grow the perfect harvest.

    Nothin better than a fatty when the weather is bad!!!!!

    Mother nature is just letting us know she is still around!!
  9. In your area, a shelter is an excellant idea!! I sure wouldn't mind having a Hurricane shelter!
    A guy I know bought a large rescue pod off an offshore co.,and buried it. Makes a really cool shelter, even has ventalation and chemical toilets. :smoking:

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