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    so here is my set up... go to my journal for more info but

    i am flowering my plant right now under 4 t5 14w tubes (2 6500k 2 3000k 1350 lumens each) and 3 100w cfls (2700k 1600 lumens each ) i was wondering if i should add a 300w cfl(act 68w 2700k 4200 lumens) to the mix it only cost about 25$. it would be a clamp lamp with the bulb in it. i guess my main question is should i get the light and will i see huge results or just so so?
  2. any input?
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  4. man it looks sweet and is going well i guess another 68 watt cfl cant hurt but is it really necessary if you have almost 400watts on the plant already?
  5. to late already did it ha check it out!
  6. this is my one and only grow for now. mabey when i have my own place i will have an awsome set up but for now this will have to do
  7. When you say 100w CFLs i believe you mean 100w equivalent (so those are probably 26 actual watters). If so then you made the smart move getting it. As others have said HPS would be optimal but if you can't afford it or you have temp issues then just stick with the CFLs
  8. yea that baby glows haha. 4 t5 tubes 1350 lumens...2 100w cfls 1600 lumens....1 300w cfl 4200 lumens... total of 12800 lumens. i think i should be ok with this set up cant wait to see flower strat.. 1 week into flowering so far
  9. Just so you know those aren't actually 100w or 300w CFLs. A real 300w CFL should give off over 16000 lumens. That would be an 85w CFL you have. The "equivalent" rating they give on CFLs doesn't mean anything really, just that it gives off as much as a 300w incandescent.
  10. Nice work she looks like she's loving it. Mine is 2 weeks flower and i can see buds all over it now the hairs won't stop growing lol
  11. yes i know that. i thought i posted act watts above.

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