More light higher temps or less light lower temps?

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  1. So I am using 4 26w CFLs and 2 40 watt CFLS for my 1 plant. With 6 lights it gets between 87-93

    Now would it be better to go with 4 CFLS 2 40w and 2 26w and hope to drop the temps between 83-86? degrees
  2. drop temps lower try to get into the 70s.
  3. So what your saying is less lights lower temp is better then more lights slightly higher temp?
  4. More light is always better but you need your temp around 75. Add ventilation. And fans for circulation.
  5. I already get a big exhaust fan and 2 more fans. Its the best I can do. Should I take out 1 or 2 lights to lower temps?
  6. You only need 100 watts cfl for 1 plant. It wouldn't hurt to have more, but not at the expense of proper temps. I suggest the 2 40 watt and 2 26. If that doesn't get you to 80 ish then 4x the 26w or 3x 26 and 1 40w.
  7. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Damn I'm so tired of seeing this misinformation.

    100 actual watts of CFL is the bare minimum, not the amount you "need", per plant. Let's put it this way: with HID lighting the rule of thumb is 50-100 watts per plant, and HIDs are about twice as efficient as CFLs, so the rule of thumb for CFLs therefore would be 100-200 watts per plant to get the same light. So if you want bare minimum results then aim for the bare minimum, but don't consider it the amount you "only need." So not only would it "not hurt" to have more, it is highly recommended.

    To the OP, I think the issue goes back to ventilation before you start yanking light out of there -- you say you have a "big" exhaust fan, please describe your ventilation system in more detail. You need to remove the warm air and draw in cooler air to replace it.
  8. Sorry then. I've done nearly all the reading I can and the 100w cfl "standard" is literally posted everywhere.
  9. Do more reading. Every word of Toasty's post is 100% true. Speaking from experience.
  10. Even with your pure landrace sativas you want to keep far away from 90 F without co2 supplementation. Like previous posters said don't sacrifice your lights especially if its cfl's.
    Play around with your ventilation setup and try to at least bring it down to the low low 80s
  11. I know I know. The truth is out there but there also is a lot of laziness about retaining the details of the truth, so "100w bare minimum" quickly becomes "100w is what you need." Before you know it, everyone is believing the wrong thing.
  12. quick question on this CFL wattage. The 23 watt cfl packaging says it is equivalent to 100 watts. When calculate the wattage I am using on my plants do I use the 23 watt figure or the 100 watt figure. Thanks
  13. lower number is the actual wattage the higher numbers is the equivalent

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