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More Intake or Exhaust?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Makizushi, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. People of Grasscity, I would like to know whether there should be more fans for exhaust or intake...

    In the case of passive intakes, do I need a lot or what?

    Help meee!
  2. your passive intake should be a size larger than your active exhaust.
  3. absolutely, i would even say 50% bigger IMO. You have to keep the air moving, and the fans can only do so much to scavenge air out of the container (they are not pumps), so it is best if you do not try to make the fan work too hard to get the air out, it will be operating below its designed efficiency.
  4. More exhaust. 2 to 1 ratio is ideal. I run a 4 5/8 in exhaust with a 3 5/8 in active intake and another small passive intake for wiring. Works for me.
  5. By forcing air in, you generally lose control of smell.
  6. the jorge cervantes bible says to do 4 to 1. If exhaust is 400 cfm, then intake should be 100 cfm. So many different opinions have made this frustratingly difficult in planning my exhaust system.
  7. i think the most obvious lesson to walk away with is more exhaust than intake. period.

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