More Huge Bass ! Lunker with PICS

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. So me and my friend who are avid fishers decided to give it a try for a little bit by the local pond that we usually fish at. Full of 3lb bass with the occasional 4lber.

    3 casts in with my rubber worm and BAM!! Huge fish but it got away.

    I rigged up another worm and hit the same spot and here is what I came up with.:D

    6 Pounds 22 and a half inches of largemouth bass!



    Heres my Hand in its mouth!

  2. Holly crap that is a big mouth. Nice catch +rep

    I wish I could get out and fish more. But I need a boat first:(
  3. sick fish + rep. nothing better than smoking a bowl and fishing, except maybe eating brownies and fishing.
  4. Awesome catch! I bought a fishing pole a while back, but I still don't have my fishing license, I'm gonna have to get that soon...
  5. Nice catch man, especially in the situation (with 3 and 4lbs abundant and all)...

    I went fishing twice last week in the pacific. Goood times. I caught a coho salmon, but my stepdad caught a 35 pound, 30+ inch chinook salmon. Fishing is legit...dunno when ill get to do it high, I always fish during work or with relatives, so I never have time to blaze before or I am just too nervous to do it.
  6. Blazing, drinking and fishing is the shit. Doesn't get any better chilling with some friends, drinking budwiesers and smoking a little bud. But nice catch blaze it up. +rep
  7. I remember when I was a kid goin to the park and fishin with my dad. He took me fishing lots and ALWAYS I caught at least one fish... even when no one else on the pier could get anything haha.
  8. nice catch man, but cmon' let the thing go, what were you keeping it for? mounting, cooking ect.
  9. Fry that up with some, cilantro, garlic, browned butter, and ginger. Just a little lime juice....Mmmmmmm....

    Beauty catch, my man. I love fisihing. Trout and Bass are some of my favorites.
  10. Awesome! You should feel damned proud of that fish!
  11. Oh I let it back man, so we can catch it again haha.

    Just kept it in the cooler for pictures and all that.:hello:
  12. wow- impressive,

    I miss the taste of a nice days catch.

    Makes me want to get lost for a few days when I'm out hiking with limited food supplies so I have an excuse to fish (being vegan it's the only way I would do it).
  13. nice fish just smoked some catfish last week wed. not a bad meal. i never see any bass bigger than 3 lbs here nice fish!
  14. The last time I was at our cottage I caught about a 3 pounder (which is pretty big for our lake) around midnight just throwing a worm at this sunken dock in front of our neighbour's cottage. I'd been debating smoking a spliff before I started... wish I had! :(
  15. :eek: u let it go, why not eat it?
  16. I dont eat bass fuck that, Only trout and thats occasionally.

    the fun for me is catching it and knowing there out there to catch again.
  17. lucky. the fishing over here sucks. if it where better i'd go fishing more
  18. Why, in the name of all that is holy, would you soil that beautiful catch with cilantro? Bleaaarrrgghh.

    As a fellow angler, I salute you good sir! That is indeed a fine looking fish :D
  19. Beautiful fish.

    I bet the fight was awesome.
  20. Nice fish!

    You ever go shark fishing? That is some fun stuff, I did it on vacation in florida

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