More hate groups moving into Arizona

Discussion in 'Politics' started by PhillGates, May 25, 2010.

  1. More than likely because, of the new immigration law

    [ame=]Video: On The Rise: KKK, Skinheads & More Hate Groups Moving Into Arizona![/ame]

  2. If i lived in Arizona id be hightailing my way right the fuck outta that state.
  3. I say we let all the paranoid white conservative people move to Arizona and have them seceede from the Union.

    Be done with it, I say. Leave the real work to the sane people.
  4. Wow. It's not an immigration law. We've had the same immigration laws for years and continue to do so, nothing has changed. People are so butthurt because now we have the ability to enforce them. These dumbass "nazis" are so fucking stupid in my opinion. They are stupid fucks.

    I live in Arizona, and nothing has changed for me, I'm living my life as I always have. No real unrest in my area. But it's time to face the fact that Arizona is getting raped, and I'm moving once I have the money.
  5. If I was Obama I'd allow Arizona to develop in to a white supremacist headquaters, and then nuke the shit out it.

    I know that's childish, but fuck it.
  6. It might come to that......
  7. Good luck with that

    Besides that, I believe AZ has one of the highest percentage of it's private citizens that own firearms.
  8. i hate living in AZ right now
  9. Don't forget about that concealed weapons bill that passed. AZ seems cool to me :cool:
  10. I love how the news people like to give numbers that mean absolutely nothing. Hate groups doubled in 10 years? to 16? How close has the population in the area come to doubling from 2000 to 2010? Are they ALL the hate groups white supremacists'?

    The new enforcement law is not causing these groups to feel WELCOME in Arizona. The reason the groups have moved to Arizona to express their hate is because this is an issue that's on the front end of what our media outlets are talking about. And since this has to do with an issue that they have taken a very strong stance on (immigration "ruining the white mans job pool") It makes sense for a political group (yes these groups, while small, are driven by political motives) To take their messages, twisted as they are, to the forefront of where it is happening, and getting exposure.
  11. haha, that's awesome, I'm just now hearing about this.... Doesn't really matter to me though cause I already have a CCW :)
  12. They are called Illegal Immigrants for a reason, they are here ILLEGALLY.

    We are just now enforcing the fact that they don't belong here.
  13. The whole world is watching AZ right now and rightly so. This whole thing is about more than Immigration reform. This is about the 10th Amendment and state's rights. Illegal Immigration is just the perfect area for AZ to take action. It's a serious (relatively LOCAL) problem and it's one that the Fed has rightly ignored for a long time. Put together with the fact that it's a fairly easy "change" to transition into. I mean, we couldn't possibly afford hire thousands more cops to literally guard the border... But this legislation just makes dealing with illegals responsibility of the State as opposed to ICE (which is a fucking joke...).

    It's pretty ingenious when you think about it.
  14. Yeah, there was no press time on this controversial bill. During the Clinton Administration it would have made headlines everywhere. For Arizona supposedly putting the AZ in NAZI, the state seems to trust it's LEGAL residents enough to pack heat wherever they go without regulation. I'm sure residents of Chicago would love to be able to exercise that right.
  15. As a side note: Arizona just passed a 1% sale tax increase!

    Oh how the plot thickens.

  16. as would I!

    because your white? honest question.
  17. So the act is illegal, not the person.;)

    "Illegal" is uselessly vague. ("You're under arrest." "What's the charge?" "You did something illegal.")

    "Illegal immigrant" is dehumanizing. Murderers, rapists, and child molesters are all legal persons who have committed illegal acts, but an otherwise law-abiding resident who doesnt have immigration paperwork is defined as an illegal person. This disparity should offend everyone on its own merits, but there's also a legal, constitutional problem with defining someone as an illegal person.

    And its also contrary to the 14th Amendment.

  18. You're such a sucker for race card propaganda.

    Dont you love how the media down plays all Islamic terror attacks, but like to exaggerate about "white" hate groups at every opportunity. Also notice they never do stories about brown or black hate groups. They're always trying to make white people look insane and exclusively racist. Guys like Dickie eat it up.
  19. Likewise the color blind racial ideology people eat up their opposition's comments, which actually only promotes racism. Not sure what side of the politricked American majority is more wrong in their actions.
  20. Those poor white hate groups, always being made out to be the villain.


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