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More hair then bud? the fuck!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HighAgain, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. So im pickin up 2 G's and my dude says " Its some vagina bud " .. I think nothing of it and proceed to purchase it. I got some bullshit ass shit , there is more thairs then bud. I'm practically smoking hairs , its all redish orangeish hairs. I wish i had a camera :'( But am wondering if anyone else has gotten bud thats more HAIRS then BUD?! Not to mention the bud smelt exactly like fabreeze and was crackling / firework party in my bowl. I continue to get fucked.
  2. dam dude bud wit more hairs then actual bud is crazy. Were the hairs still connected to the bud? Maybe hairs from the bottom of his bag collected on your nugs and as a result have way more hairs. The crackling shit doesn't sound good an neither does febreeze scented bud. You should hit that kid up and ask him wat the deal is with the bud. Maybe the febreeze smell is in ur head but alota ppl spray bud to give it any kind of improved scent. Problem is febreeze won't taste how it smells. Burning sprayed shit is nastyyyyy. I'm sorry to hear about this, like I said tell the kid wats up and let him know your pissed.
  3. pics please

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